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Northwestern Bank

The Northwestern Bank office in Chippewa Falls is shown in the Sept. 6, 2014 photo.


Northwestern Bank of Chippewa Falls is the latest company to pledge money in support of the Confluence Project in Eau Claire.

The bank, which also has had a branch in Eau Claire for more than 10 years, will contribute $100,000 to the project’s performing arts center.

Northwestern Bank President Gerald Jacobson will be presenting a check Wednesday morning to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Foundation. The presentation will be at the Haymarket site, which would be the future home of the performing arts center.

“As a community bank it is our duty to respond to the needs of each community we serve, not only through loans but donations as well,” Jacobson said. “We are proud to support the Confluence Project. This donation will benefit the Eau Claire community and the entire Chippewa Valley, as many people will be able to enjoy the new community arts senter.”

He said the donation is a demonstration of the bank’s commitment to the public-private partnership that includes the construction of a community arts center at the confluence of the Eau Claire and the Chippewa rivers in Eau Claire.

“We are excited about Northwestern Bank’s generous contribution to help construct the Confluence Project’s performing arts center,” said Tom Barland, co-chairperson of the Confluence Project’s fundraising task force.

“Northwestern Bank is an important part of Eau Claire’s business and financial sector. The bank’s contribution demonstrates their robust involvement and long-term commitment to the community, and is greatly appreciated.”


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Remember kids this money does not come from the bankers. It comes from the customers. What arrogance.


Are you kidding me? A private business takes a portion of their profits and donates to a cause that will make the Chippewa Valley a better place and you call it arrogance? People like you always find ways to take the joy out of everything. I can't remember the last time I've read a "mowboy25" comment that had any positivity. You're just a troll.

Thank you Northwestern Bank!


Real nice use of others money!!
I think it's time to bank elsewhere!!
After almost 40 years, I've had enough!!


It's called giving back. This company is taking profits and giving back to the community, how is that bad?

empire 2

wouldn't it be better to pay more interest on accounts to give back to the people who made it possible for the bank to have such profits? They're not helping those in the community who makes their business go, that's the customers. Why give to this project when many people using the arts center may never even have heard of NW bank?

Chippewa County Resident

I echo those exact words. It's not the president who should be getting so much notoriety but the employees and the people who deposit their money into an acct at northwestern bank!! Yeah give money away to rejects while the customers continue to live paycheck to paycheck.
But not to the loyal customers


I disagree. People can choose to do business with anyone they want. The President and Board of the bank are the ones that decided to do the donation with company profits. That has nothing to do with the customers. I don't claim any credit for Bill Gates' philanthropic work due to my purchase of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.


I don't see why there is a problem with a private business donating a portion of their profits. Businesses and individuals engage in philanthropic activities daily because their business has been successful, why is this any different? Northwestern's decision to donate to a cause of their choice does not alter the way they do business and does not directly impact their customers, so why the big hoopla?


This money actually comes from ALL taxpayers as it is a tax deduction. Allowing businesses to 'donate' money like this is much like TIF's, everyone else has to make up for the tax monies not paid on these profits. Corporate Welfare!

Chippewa County Resident

I'm sorry I dont know where the word rejects came in. Darn Spell check!!


What a generous gift. Thank You Northwestern Bank.


Yes a generous gift for a somewhat good cause, hopefully. I believe the NW bank has shareholders, did they ok this donation? Did they ok the very generous gift to Sienna Corp.(Wissota Green)? as Chippewa falls/ Co. also donated!! No accountability !!! No heads rolled!! If I were to spit on my tax paying neighbors I'd go to jail.

empire 2

Since the bank is making money on the money I have in the bank I guess they could have given we the customers a little more interest on our money that it has. That would have shown real appreciation to them and THAT giving back would have benefited those who make it possible for the bank to have such profits.

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