Scott Walker and Mike Pence

Governor Scott Walker, left, and Vice President Mike Pence, right, greet the crowd at Precision Pipeline Wednesday in Eau Claire following a Walker re-election fundraising event.

Vice President Mike Pence made a stop at Precision Pipeline LLC in Eau Claire Wednesday in support of Governor Scott Walker’s re-election campaign.

Starting out the proceedings was Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, who revved up the crowd for a few minutes before introducing U.S. Rep. Sean Duffy. Throughout his 10-minute speech, Duffy praised Walker’s efforts to combat the unemployment rate in Wisconsin, before introducing Senate candidate Leah Vukmir.

Vukmir’s speech consisted of praising the last eight years of Walker’s tenure as Governor while criticizing current U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin. Vukmir said Republicans and Scott Walker have made progress in the state and it shouldn’t be halted.

“Think about where we were in 2010,” Vukmir said. “A 9.3 percent unemployment rate and now we are at a 2.8 percent unemployment rate. We had a 3.6-billion-dollar budget deficit and now we have surpluses that we give back to you. Republicans know how to make a difference.”

AFter Vukmir’s speech, Gov. Scott Walker took the stage. Echoing his sentiments made at an earlier stop in the day in Green Bay, Walker said the past eight years in Wisconsin have put the state back on track, especially in terms of future employment possibilities.

“This is an exciting time in the state of Wisconsin and sometimes I think we’ve done so well that we forget what things were like in the past,” Walker said. “Eight years ago, when I was running to be your governor, Tonette and I as parents, not as a candidate but parents, the two of us like many of you here and across the state were worried that our children wouldn’t be able to find a job, let alone a career, by the time they graduated.”

Walker said the administration before his was cutting jobs at an exorbitant rate, but now the job market is thriving.

“In the four years before we took office this state lost more than 133,000 jobs,” Walker said. “And for many people across the state, even if they hadn’t lost their job, they took a pay cut just to keep their job along the way. Today, with the help of many great employers like Precision Pipeline and others across the state, we changed things so the people of this state, not the Government, could create more jobs and higher wages in this state. And now in 2018 there are more people employed in the state of Wisconsin than ever before in the history of this state.”

Following Walker’s speech, Pence took the stage to a booming round of applause and cameras being taken out to capture his opening remarks.

Pence’s first remark was that he was “here like you for one reason and one reason only, Wisconsin and America need four more years of Governor Scott Walker.”

Pence took a moment to praise the GOP’s recent moves nationally.

“How about last week,” Pence said. “We started the week with the largest new trade deal in American history that puts American workers and American farmers first and Wisconsin dairy first. Then in the middle of the week we set a record for the lowest unemployment rate recorded in the last 50 years. And at the end of the week, thanks to the President’s leadership and the support of the Republican majority in the Senate, we saw confirmed Justice Brett Kavanaugh.”

After thunderous applause from the crowd, Pence added a personal touch to his speech supporting Walker. Pence told a story from his tenure in the U.S. Congress from early in Walker’s tenure as Governor of Wisconsin which had the crowd both laughing and applauding simultaneously.

“There was a day on the floor of the United States Senate when Senator Chuck Schumer said that he was getting tired of Mike Pence and those other Scott Walker Republicans in the United States Congress,” Pence said. “He called me a Scott Walker Republican. So, I ran back to my office, got on Twitter, and said Senator Schumer called me a Scott Walker Republican. Nobody has said anything that nice to me in a long long time.”

Concluding his speech, Pence posed for a few photographs on the elevated Precision Pipeline stage before walking with Walker down to the front row of the crowd to greet the attendees of the event.

Quickly thereafter Pence exited the business, and a motorcade took the Vice President to his next location in support of the Republican Party and its elected officials.

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Such a fawning piece, it makes me wonder whether this reporter was paid by the Herald or by the Rape-publican Party and the Wanker campaign. There must not have been much of a crowd, since the story doesn't include a head count (Journalism 101 for a story that involves a crowd: get a head count).

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