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A Mississippi man has been charged in Dunn County with threatening to shoot two other men, eventually being taken into custody at gunpoint, police said.

William P. Minyard, 58, of Vancleave, Miss., who drives for a trucking company, was charged Wednesday in Dunn County Court with two felony counts of making terrorist threats and two misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct.

According to a criminal complaint, a man reported another man had threatened to kill him at a Menomonie Kwik Trip on March 29 around 8:45 p.m.

Another man later called 911, reporting the same man had threatened him.

Minyard called one of the men a racial slur and threatened to shoot him with a handgun after the man asked him why Minyard was honking an air horn in the parking lot, according to the complaint.

Minyard also threatened to shoot the other man if he did not leave.

Minyard, then inside a parked semi-tractor, did not respond when police officers attempted to get his attention for over an hour with the P.A. system, sirens and an air horn.

After tactical teams had been set up around Minyard’s semi-tractor and Minyard eventually left the vehicle, an officer smelled a “very strong odor of intoxicating beverage” on Minyard, according to the complaint.

Minyard told officers he didn’t own any weapons and didn’t know what was happening, according to the complaint.

Law enforcement did not find a gun inside Minyard’s vehicle.

Minyard refused to submit to field sobriety tests.

Minyard posted a $500 cash bond April 1; he must not consume alcohol or possess firearms.

His initial appearance is scheduled for May 21.

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