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Wilson Creek mulching

Members of Chippewa Valley's Trout Unlimited Chapter help the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and Dunn County Land and Water staff with seeding and mulching on Wilson Creek in Dunn County.

A western Wisconsin partnership has announced opportunities for local landowners to help preserve clean water in the area.

The Wilson and Annis Creek Watershed Partnership includes the following groups: local landowners with property in the Wilson and Annis Creek watersheds, the Tainter Menomin Lake Improvement Association, Dunn and St. Croix counties, the Wisconsin Clear Water Trout Unlimited group, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

The partnership lets landowners help preserve their land. Participants restore waterways and streambanks, plant cover crops and install fencing and animal crossings.

The Wisconsin ClearWater Trout Unlimited group has found this partnership rewarding. Through this partnership, several projects have become possible that never could have been completed by single groups.

The partnership has reduced and eliminated bank erosion, reduced silt in the streambed, reduced field erosion through buffers, restored spawning habitats and eradicated invasive and non-native plants.

In addition, many of the stream restoration projects have come at no cost to the landowners.

This is possible because of the partnership format, and through volunteer contributions of water quality testing, brush clearing efforts, mulching, and seeding.

Additional monies have come from Trout Unlimited chapter funds and grants that the chapter has received and targeted to the projects.

Not only will Lake Menomin be receiving less phosphate from Wilson Creek, but topsoil will be preserved, valuable crop and grazing land will no longer sluff off into the stream, high water events will be handled more efficiently and silt reduction leads to a restored food chain in the stream corridor.

Partnership meetings—which are quarterly—are open to all watershed landowners.

For information, meeting dates and contact information, visit and search ‘Wilson Creek.’

To arrange a site visit, contact Lindsay Olson at 715-232-1496 or John Sippl at 715-232-2614.

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Dale Dahlke is a board member of the local Wisconsin ClearWater chapter of Trout Unlimited and sits on the Wilson and Annis Creek Watershed Partnership Committee.


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