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Several Dunn County organizations are asking residents to take a health survey in March, which will allow them to create a three-year health plan.

Dunn County and several area organizations are asking residents to take an anonymous health survey in the hope of finding the county’s top health priorities and concerns in 2019.

After analyzing the results of the anonymous survey, those organizations plan to create a three-year community health plan, said UW-Extension human development and relationships educator Stephanie Hintz.

Completing the survey takes 8-25 minutes, depending on how much information people want to give, Hintz said. The survey is anonymous and does not collect names, addresses or personal information.

It asks questions about Dunn County mental health, alcohol and drug use, health issues, public safety and other topics.

The deadline for completing the survey is Monday, April 1.

The organizations are hoping the survey will give them the top three to five health priorities in Dunn County, Hintz said.

“When we’re able to pinpoint what our top five, top three biggest health areas are, we’re able to better allocate resources, time, money and capacity” to reach out to more residents, Hintz said.

The last survey was done in 2015.

Then, residents believed the county’s top health problems were mental health, obesity and unhealthy weight and drug use, the 2015 report found.

With that information, the organizations will create a health plan, which they will all use for three years, said Tyler Jackels, a UW-Stout graduate student and United Way of Dunn County’s C-3 Center volunteer coordinator.

“We’re going to let the data tell us what information needs to be dealt out,” said Jackels, who will be involved with analyzing the data and creating the report.

The results of the 2019 survey will be made public at a community event on July 16, according to the survey.

Involved in the survey are UW-Extension Dunn County, United Way of Dunn County, Dunn County Public Health, Marshfield Clinic Health System, Mayo Clinic Health System, Prevea, the University of Wisconsin-Stout and other organizations.

While the 2015 survey was only open to county residents, anyone who works in or has an attachment to Dunn County should take the 2019 survey, Hintz said.

About 1,100 people took the 2015 survey — about 2.4 percent of Dunn County’s total population. Most were from the Menomonie area, Hintz said.

That’s a problem she hopes this survey can solve.

“This year we’re really looking forward to doing some concerted outreach efforts so we can really get the voice of every person,” she said. “We know we have pockets out there that aren’t heard, or feel overlooked because it can feel very Menomonie-centric in Dunn County.”

Residents can take the survey online by visiting dunn.extension.wisc.edu and searching for “health assessment”; picking up a paper copy at the Dunn County Health Department, 3001 Highway 12 E., Suite 32, Menomonie; or by calling 715-232-2388 and pressing zero to request a copy.

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