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From the Files -- Week of Sept. 23

From the Files -- Week of Sept. 23

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Police donation

From the photo files -- Wednesday, Sept. 18, 1991: Menomonie Police Officer Dave Pellett, representing the Menomonie Professional Police Officers’ Association, is shown with the drinking fountain the organization donated to the community. The structure was built with funds generated from the group’s annual trash bag sale and is located in the triangle park at the intersection of Crescent Street, Sixth Avenue and Second Street.

135 Years

Saturday, Sept. 26, 1885

The workmen employed in digging the trenches for the Water Works Co. in this city laid down their picks and shovels Thursday noon, and struck for higher wages. The wages paid thus far are $1.30 per day and the workmen ask an increase to $1.50. No agreement has been effected between the parties in contest at this writing and what the outcome of the movement may be we are unable to determine. If it is possible for men to earn $1.50 a day with pick and shovel, these men have done it, for they have worked like beavers the full 10 hours. We trust that some agreement satisfactory to both parties may be made soon and work resumed.

125 Years

Friday, Sept. 27, 1895

Burglars entered the residence of Sen. J.H. Stout, Saturday morning at about 4 o’clock, and stole a number of valuable diamond ornaments belonging to Mrs. Nellie Mead, a sister of Mrs. Stout. Mrs. Mead had worn the diamonds the previous evening, and upon retiring left them upon the dresser. The burglar entered the house through a kitchen door and apparently with a full knowledge of what he was after went straight to the chamber containing the jewels. A slight noise was made, which awakened Mrs. Mead and she sprang from the bed screaming, where at the thief fled swiftly and escaped from the house in the darkness. No trace of him has since been discovered. A gold watch and other valuable property was close at hand in Mrs. Mead’s room but the burglar left them untouched.

100 Years

Thursday, Sept. 23, 1920

Elk Mound: LaVerne “Red” Fisher, manager of the local telephone company, received a shock from a live wire about 4:30 Saturday afternoon, which caused him to fall from the pole where he was working, to the gutter 12 or more feet below. Mr. Fisher struck on his head and shoulders with such force as to render him unconscious for a short time, but fortunately escaped striking the curb although he landed close beside it. He soon recovered sufficiently to drive his car away from the scene of the accident, but is bruised and sore from the impact.

Tires are stolen: While the owner was attending services in the M. E. church Sunday evening the extra wheel was stolen from the rear of F.C. Jackson’s Ford car. The wheel was equipped with a brand new tire. It was buckled to the iron bracket that held it and the thief did not cut the straps but took the time to unfasten them. A tire was also stolen from the car of John Emmert the same night at the same place.

75 Years

Wednesday, Sept. 26, 1945

A warning to the public regarding the activities of racketeers was issued this week by Frank Monahan of the Menomonie Chamber of Commerce. His statement follows:

“In all fairness to all ex-service men and women of all wars, the Menomonie Chamber of Commerce is asking you not to donate money or to subscribe to any person for any cause whatsoever without first making certain that it is legitimate. We have already received information that men and women are traveling various sections of Wisconsin peddling flowers, souvenirs, securing subscriptions to magazines and similar schemes to defraud the public. They use as a selling point an appeal to aid disabled veterans, when as a matter of fact, such solicitors are either unauthorized or affiliated with an organization in which only a very small percentage goes to veterans and the big share goes to the promoters.

Deserving veterans do not want you to pay out your money for these purposes. They do want your help locally to assist them in becoming rehabilitated through cooperation in securing honest employment whereby they may again be a part of the community for the advancement of Menomonie.”

“If any schemes come to your attention, please contact the police department or the chamber of commerce at once.”

50 Years

Wednesday, Sept. 23, 1970

Two persons were injured when a runaway car struck them at Devils Punch Bowl on Paradise Valley Road. Patricia Bartels sustained a fractured pelvis and Linda Larson suffered a bump on her head.

According to Officer Clarence Bryan’s report, Miss Bartels had parked a car owned by Lavern White at the rim of the Devils Punch Bowl and she and Miss Larson were walking down the stairs before it rolled down the bank and finally stopped against a tree. The vehicle, according to Officer Bryan’s report, was apparently left in drive. Miss Larson allegedly told the investigating officer that she couldn’t remember whether she was struck by the car or hit her head when she fell over the bank trying to get out of the vehicle’s path. The left front end of White’s car was damaged.

Richard Schultz was injured when he was involved in an accident on Paradise Valley Road as he went to summon help to the mishap at Devils Punch Bowl. Schulz sustained a cut left arm and right hand. He told investigating city officers that he was driving back to town to notify police of the accident when his car went off the right side of the road in a left curve and clipped off a power pole.

25 Years

Wednesday, Sept. 27, 1995

Shucks! Sales tax fills wrong coffers: Dunn County has received a large amount of money from the county portion of the sales tax in recent years --  some of which was in error, as county officials have just learned. “I was notified by the Department of Revenue that they had inadvertently been sending sales tax revenue from Younkers office in Des Moines, Iowa, to Dunn County rather than to Dane County,” Patrick Thompson, county administrative coordinator, explained.

The Younkers store headquartered in Des Moines had checked Dunn County rather than Dane County on the Department of Revenue form, and the state did not catch the mistake for 2½ years, Thompson said.

Dunn County will have to pay $368,000 back to the state by June 1, 1996, Thompson said. The state has already reimbursed Dane County.

15 Years

Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2005

Horse pull continues growth: Although the number of teams was down a little this year, the 2005 Wisconsin National Pull, held indoors at the Dunn County Rec Park Friday-Sunday, continues to grow. Randy Hague of Elmwood, who serves as secretary/treasurer of the Northwest Wisconsin Pony Pullers Association, said last year the event drew 102 teams from the Midwest and beyond. This year, the pull drew teams from Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan and Minnesota, but the number of teams was down in the 90s. Hague attributed part of the decrease to gas prices. This year’s pull featured seven classes of pony and horse pulls.

Horse pulling in this area began in 1955 and grew in popularity. In the 1970s there were as many as 35 pulls in a summer in Elk Mound. But in the 1990s, pulling had declined to about four pulls a year.

The sport is again increasing in popularity. “There’s interest out there and the word is spreading,” said Hague. He said the event in Menomonie is one of the largest in the state.

10 Years

Sunday, Sept. 26, 2010

Oprah liked the dress. Erinn Springer, a senior at Colfax High School, and a contributing member of the cross country team that is ranked seventh in the state, also has another interest. She is a model and recently appeared on an Oprah Winfrey Show that featured designer Vera Wang. The segment showed Erinn modeling a wedding dress from the Vera Wang Bridal Collection as the famous designer spoke in the foreground. Oprah said she liked Erinn’s dress. Erinn, the daughter of Carol Govin Springer and Frank Springer, is modeling through an agency from Chicago, where the Oprah Winfrey Show is based. She and her mother travel to the Windy City for auditions when there is a call for models.

Another Colfax Connection: Mille May Price, Colfax High School Class of 1997, is currently an editor for the Oprah Winfrey Facebook section. She edits comments that are posted. Millie lives in Colfax.

5 Years

Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015

The University of Wisconsin-Stout’s remarkable enrollment growth continued this year, with the university reporting yet another record.

The preliminary 2015 headcount was reported at 9,481, a 1.4 percent increase over last year’s preliminary headcount of 9,349.

The official headcount last year, recorded by UW System later in the year, grew to 9,371. A similar increase is expected for this year’s preliminary headcount, meaning UW-Stout’s enrollment may exceed 9,500 for the first time in the campus history.

Over the last 20 years, UW-Stout’s enrollment has grown by 31 percent; the official headcount was 7,237 in 1995-96. In comparison, the enrollment of the entire UW System has grown by about 14 percent in the last two decades.

This year at UW-Stout, new freshman enrollment increased almost 7 percent to 1,561, the largest freshman class since 2010.

Menomonie 9-year-old wins statewide skating limbo competition.

Kirsten Harper, of Menomonie, won the 2015 State Skating Limbo Champion, a statewide event. The 9-year-old won the first-annual competition by clearing a limbo bar that was 8½ inches off the ground. Kirsten is the daughter of Joe and Melissa Harper, of Menomonie. The second and third place finishers were both from Richland Center.


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