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Ten original photographs from the Apollo 11 moon mission taken by Neil Armstrong are now on display at the Kraft State Bank. Scale models of both lunar module Eagle and the command module Columbia, assembled by Jeff Russell, left, are included. Shown behind Jim Anderson, right, are pictures showing phases of the lunar mission and a detailed map of the moon. This is the first display in Wisconsin of the actual moon photographs and were supplied by Studio of John Russell.

135 Years

Saturday, Aug. 30, 1884

Poisoned at a Wedding Feast. The citizens of Menomonie and Spring Brook were considerably excited last Sunday by the reported poisoning of a large number of people at a feast prepared at the residence of Christ Ebert in the town of Spring Brook in honor of the marriage of his son, Edward, to Miss Kate Shafer. The facts furnished are as follows: The wedding party and guests to the number of about one hundred, all sat down to a royal banquet. Afterwards the guests dispersed, amusing themselves in various ways, quite a number partaking of apples and plums from trees near at hand. Very soon thereafter several were taken sick. This was thought to be the result of eating unripe fruit or partaking too freely of rich food. Of the one hundred people present, forty of them were seriously affected. The poison has been definitely traced to one kind of cake. But what kind of poison it was, or how it came there, is not explained, and as no one seems disposed to take the trouble to make a thorough investigation, the probabilities that these interesting questions will never be satisfactorily answered.

125 Years

Friday, Aug. 31, 1894

A disastrous fire last Sunday swept away buildings and crops of John Geithman of Tainter. The fire was discovered in the kitchen at about the noon hour and had made such headway that it could not be controlled. The dwelling house, two barns, granary, machine shed, six hundred bushels of oats, and all of this year’s crop of wheat, rye, barley, beans, hay, straw, etc. It was a clean sweep and nothing was left. The property destroyed was insured in the Dunn County Farmer’s Mutual for $2,350.

The agricultural society has arranged to give to the young man between the ages of 18 and 24 years a two year’s scholarship in Wheaton College for the best oration to be delivered at the Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 12, and to the young lady 18 years old or under for the best recitation, a silver medal. Several entries have already been made and this feature of the Fair promises to be exceedingly interesting.

100 Years

Thursday, Aug. 28, 1919

COLFAX — It now begins to be definitely certain that Colfax will soon be enjoying a continuous electric service; for, in spite of the lateness of the season to begin work on the proposed new dam to furnish power on the Red Cedar river, we are informed that those who have the matter in charge are already at work extending a line here from the north, from which we are soon to have a continuous current to serve until the new dam can be constructed, which it is said will be next season. This is indeed good news for Colfax people, as the need of such power has long, been felt, and now that it is assured, it comes as it were a ray of sunshine out of a black cloud. We’ll hope it will soon be realized in earnest.

75 Years

Wednesday, Aug. 30, 1944

ROCK CREEK AND PERU — Word has been received by Mrs. Robert H. Shager, formerly Miss Irene Jevne, that her husband, F.O. Robert H. Shager, an eighth air force liberator stationed in England, brought his crew back safely in a damaged plane after a combat mission over Europe. It was soupy weather with no visibility, when numbers 3 and 4 engines coughed out over the channel. That was all right until the number one engine stopped, F.O. Shager said “ Then I had to get to England pretty quick. When I knew I was over land I told everyone but the engineer and co-pilot to bail out.” But the single engine was taking too much punishment and it became apparent that all would have to abandon the ship. All of the crew walked to the bomb bay, and stepped off and pulled their rip cords. All were accounted for and the ship had been kept fairly level for their jump, but on one engine, the automatic pilot could not keep the plane out of a spin. The crew was picked up later and none of them were seriously injured. Robert is the son of Mr. and Mrs. O.H. Shager of this vicinity and we are glad he came through this experience with such success.

50 Years

Wednesday, Aug. 27, 1969

Funds Sought To Assist Disaster Victims. The Dunn County Red Cross chapter is soliciting the cooperation of area residents in providing funds to assist in disaster relief work following Hurricane Camille which struck Mississippi and the Gulf Coast. Daryl (Corky) Spagnoletti, chairman of the local chapter, reports that Dunn County’s share in the $6 million fund is $476.

Packing winds of near record proportions. Hurricane Camille destroyed 5,238 homes, caused major damage to 11,667 others and minor damage to 28,826. In addition, 1,007 mobile homes and 569 small business establishments were destroyed or damaged.

“The $6 .million hurricane relief fund launched Aug. 19 is the minimum amount needed,to help,” said Robert M. Pierpont, director of the American Red Cross disaster service. “It is going to be a staggering job,” he went on, “in one of the most difficult relief operations in Red Cross history.”

Area residents wishing to contribute towards the worthwhile disaster relief may do so by mailing or bringing their donation to the Dunn County Red Cross chapter office, located in the courthouse building, Menomonie.

25 Years

Sunday, Aug. 28, 1994

Lake district lives, but problems remain. The Elk Creek Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District is still with us after a narrow vote Wednesday that nearly led it into extinction. It was the latest of the annual tries to dissolve the district because of questions regarding the need for it, and concerns about inequities on how the district generates taxes to sustain itself. On the former point, the root reasons for creation of the district to begin with — protection and rehabilitation of the lake — still remain. Officials outlined roughly $100,000 in repairs that could be made to the dam holding back the lake.

No repairs, no dam. No dam, no lake. The lake district is the only entity that can assure that dam maintenance is kept up. We think not. On the latter point — the funding inequities -— the district has some options in getting away from the typical mill-rate system of taxing district property owners to raise revenue. They plan on looking into a tiered assessment system, that could result in the people living closest to the lake, who benefit the most, paying proportionately more in taxes to support the district. People who value the lake should encourage the lake district not to fold its tent and work to see that people whose lives,and tax bills, are influenced by the district are treated fairly.

15 Years

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Wednesday, Sept. 1, 2004

Funds sought for police K-9 unit in city.

A Menomonie man is seeking funds to finance a police canine (K-9) unit in the city. Brian Benrud, who attended the recent Citizens Police Academy in Menomonie, hopes to raise $14,000 for a dog and training for both the officer and dog at a 13-week course in Ramsey County, Minn.

Berud is soliciting businesses, individuals and service clubs for the funds. Thus far, he has received contributions from Potter’s Country Home, Bob & Steve’s Amoco, Wozniak-Moseler Investments, Red Cedar Clinic and Wal-Mart Distribution.

Benrud has made arrangements with the Greater Menomonie Area Community Foundation (GMACF) to act as a repository for this fund-raising effort.

Benrud, Supt. of Schools Jesse Harness and Menomonie police officer Mark Pugmire sponsored a canine program and demonstration at the meeting of the noon Rotary Club of Menomonie a week ago.

Program presenters were Bruce Jerome, head K-9 trainer for Ramsey County, and Deputy/Handler Steve Olsen and his K-9 Gaune.

The Menomonie Police Department intends to equip officer Pugmire with an animal trained in both drug detection and patrol procedures.

Menomonie Police Chief Dennis Beety said he has already met with key administrators in the Menomonie School District and they have enthusiastically indicated their support for the K-9 program in the schools.

10 Years

Sunday, Aug. 30, 2009

In January of 2003, a plea went out to help a special young canine at the Dunn County Humane Society. The dog, a five-month-old female black spaniel/Lab mix, had arrived at the shelter in extremely poor condition,the results of severe abuse and neglect. The call was heard and answered, and donations poured in from all over the United States and the animal named Lizzie by the staff received the help she needed to return to health. A permanent fund was established in her name for other unfortunates that come the way of the humane society.

Lizzie found a forever home as she was adopted by Sherri and Terry Vodinelich of Boyceville. In July of 2003, an update on Lizzie pronounced her to be in very good health. But as is the way of life, things change, sometimes rapidly and sometimes for the worse. Recently, Lizzie was once again in need of help. Now seven years old, she was diagnosed with lymphoma. To date she has undergone several rounds of chemotherapy. She finished her last treatinent on Aug. 19 and remains in complete remission.

The dog with a strong constitution, tremendous disposition and survival mode beyond most animals, has been most forgiving of life’s circumstances. And most grateful for whatever she has been given. And the Vodenelich family wants to make sure that other animals, like Lizzie, in dire need of medical attention, can continue to count on Lizzie’s Fund for help. But the fund that bears Lizzie’s name is dwindling.

Relatively new to the area back in 2003, the Vodenelich family supported the DCHS wholeheartedly—and they still do. Now, they are asking others to do the same.

5 Years

Wednesday, Aug. 27, 2014

Boyceville steam rolls Falcons, 46-6. Flambeau took a 6-0 lead over Boyceville in the first quarter, but that was the last time the Falcons were anywhere near the Bulldogs in the 2014 season opener in Boyceville. Boyceviile proceeded to score on its first four drives and force four Flambeau turnovers on the way to a 46-6 home victory. Boyceville racked up neatly 400 yards of total offense while holding Flambeau to just over 100 in the blowout. Accounting for half of the Bulldogs’ yardage was quarterback Hunter Andetsop who completed 11 of 14 passes for 199 yards and two touchdowns. Logan McAbee-Thomas added another 91 yards on the ground while Jordan Morse pitched in 71 rushing yards.

Following a five-yard touchdown run by Flambeau’s Rowdy Kochever, Brady Schutts got Boyceville on the board with a 10 yard touchdown run. McAbee-Thomas added a five-yard TD run to give the Bulldogs a 12-6 advantage.

McAbee-Thomas added some fireworks to the second quarter when he took a hand-off at the 12 yard line and fumbled the ball at the five only to recover it in the end zone for his second touchdown of the night. Then Anderson connected with Schutts for a 59-yard yard TD pass and

Jake Lake made good on the PAT to extend the halftime lead to 25-6.

Boyceville scored three more times in the second half to seal the victory. First came a nine-yard touchdown pass from to Mitch Leach. Then came a 16-yard TD run by McAbee-Thomas.

Finally, Morse ran the ball into paydirt from 10 yards out. Lake was a perfect 3-for-3 on after intermission.

Schutts caught three passes on the night, for 67 yards.

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