From the files week of Oct. 2

Wednesday, Oct. 6, 1971: Let’s Eat! Now open at 145 Main St. is Ted’s Pizza Palace owned by Ted Hasapes, right. In the background is Dick Shoemaker. The establishment can accommodate 72 patrons and also offers carryout service. Specialties are pizza, spaghetti, chicken and gondola - “The Noblest Greek Sandwich of Them All.” Hasapes has been a Menomonie resident the past four years and was formerly employed at Alex’s Pizza House.

135 Years

Saturday, Oct. 4, 1884

The body of Peter M. Oleson, mention of whom was made in these columns, was found dead at the head of the Downsville pond last Wednesday morning by Mr. Henry Flick. His watch, pocket-book, etc., were found on him intact, proving that his death was accidental. The body was brought to Menomonie for burial.

The Ludington Guard had a skirmish drill in a field east of the city Thursday evening and went through the evolutions in fine style. They expended about 300 blank cartridges in the engagement and retired in good order.

Fred Bolles, of Weston, is the champion squash grower. He marketed two in this city Friday that weighed 144 pounds and 94 pounds respectively.

If it costs $1664.40 a year to partially illuminate three streets of this city with electric light, how much will it cost to light about thirty more at the same rate? Figure on that awhile.

125 Years

Friday, Oct. 5, 1894

The ladies of the Menomonie Aid Society desire to thank Mr. Stout for the kindness of offering them the use of the sewing rooms of the Manual Training School. The society will now meet there every Friday at 2 p.m. the society is organized with over forty members from different organizations. Its object is to help the poor families of city and vicinity. Anyone that can contribute clothes to be fixed or made over may leave them at the sewing rooms of the Manual Training School.

Mr. and Mrs. P.E. Wilson departed for St. Louis, last Saturday, which city will undoubtedly be their home for some time to come. Mr. Wilson’s mission in Missouri is to take charge of the K.S. & Co. company’s business at Leeper, Mo., where the company has established a large lumber manufacturing plant. The position is one of great responsibility requiring large business capacity, energy and experience. Though a young man Mr. Wilson has literally grown up in the lumber business and thoroughly understands it in all its details. In addition to this he possesses the necessary qualifications to fill the important position to which he has been assigned.

100 Years

Thursday, Oct. 2, 1919

Patrolman Roth reports on two days’ travel on Stout road. That Dobbin’s day is passing so far as highway traffic is concerned is illustrated by the results of observations made on the Stout road by Patrolman Fred Roth Wednesday, Sept. 17, and Sunday, Sept. 21. Mr. Roth stood at Joseph Anstatt’s corner and made a record of vehicles passing between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m., reporting the results to Highway Commissioner Frank Stewart. The total number of conveyances of various kinds for the two days combined was as follows: Cars with Wisconsin licenses, 1,411; cars from other states, 132; trucks, 59; motorcycles, 30; teams, 154. The tourist travel, which has been very heavy during the season now closing, is showing a marked decline.

Announcement is made by John F. Montgomery, president of The John Wildi Evaporated Milk company, that hereafter all plants operated by that company in Wisconsin will be known as Nestle’s Food Company, Inc. The change is in name only and will not mean the loss of any of our fellow citizens; the personnel of the plants remaining the same.

75 Years

Wednesday, Oct. 4, 1944

A total of 1,566 vehicles were checked and inspected in Menomonie on Wednesday, under the direction of Capt. A.M. Haanstad, by six state officers, Co. Traffic Officer Clarence Walter and Policeman Richard Emmert.

The officers worked in three groups. The three points where vehicles were stopped were: intersection of east Crescent with Main, and North Broadway which is a portion of Highway 12, and on central Broadway which is a portion of STH 25.

A number of arrests resulted from inspections and in many cases warnings were issued. Following is a report of the day’s checkup by the officers:

Five day tickets issued, warning, 251.

Defective horns, 23

Defective head lights, 111.

Defective tail lights, 148.

Defective mufflers, 4.

Defective brakes, 2.

Defective windshield wipers, 9.

No name on trucks, 7.

No mirror, rear view, 3.

Improper Clearance lights, 9.

Number of operators without driver’s license on person or in vehicle, 50.

Total arrests for no driver’s license and allowing minors to operate without driver’s license and no brakes, 14.

50 Years

Wednesday, Oct. 1, 1969

One of the oldest businesses in Menomonie, Boothby Print Shop, was purchased last month by Milton E. Halls, 39, Ellsworth. Halls bought the business from Harry Thomas, Meadow Hill Dr., city, who took over the firm in 1934. The business was founded by Jonathon Boothby in 1908. Halls, a native of Ellsworth, grew up in the printing business. He worked for his father, uncle Oscar Halls, and cousin John Halls, owners of Ellsworth Record until 13 years ago when he went to Johnson Printing Co., Red Wing, Minn. Thomas, 72, started work at the Boothby Print Shop when he was 11 years old. He will work part time at the shop as a typewriter repairman, Halls said. Ernie Hall, city, who has been employed at Boothby’s for 25 years, will remain with the business, Halls added. Halls, who served in the Air Force from 1947 to 1950, and his wife, Donna, who is employed at the ASCS office in Pierce County, have one son, Tom, 9. Halls said the name of the firm, which does job printing and sells office supplies, will remain the same.

25 Years

Sunday, Oct. 2, 1994

Sports Digest.

Ninety-eight drivers participated last Sunday in the quest to become 1994 Wisconsin Dirt Track Champion at Thunder Hill Speedway. Competition was fierce, as some of the best Go-Kart drivers in the Midwest competed for the title. One of the most exciting races came in the stock light feature. Chris Lynch of Chicago battled with Menomonie’s Jon Stoll. The pair swapped the lead several times before Stoll came out on top to claim the state championship in that category.

Elk Mound High School graduate Jake Morris, the 1992 Wisconsin prep Player-of-the-year, rushed 10 times for 92 yards recently in North Dakota State University’s 49-9 victory over Nebraska-Omaha. Morris, a redshirt freshman, had a 62-yard touchdown run. Another scoring play from 61 yards was called back due to penalty.

Michael Shaw of Menomonie won a first-place karate trophy in the green belt division forms category at the North Central Karate Association-approved City of Lakes Championships. Shaw, 11, also captured a second-place award in the green belt division of sparring competition. Shaw is a member of Derek Kaio’s Karate America team based in Eau Claire.

15 Years

Sunday, Oct. 3, 2004

In what was one of the most selfless acts of kindness we’ve seen in some time, the Menomonie High School football team went out of its way to ease the financial burden of an injured Eau Claire Memorial player.

When the captains met at midfield for the coin toss before Friday night’s homecoming game, the MHS captains presented a check for $1,700 for Memorial player Aaron Spina’s recovery fund.

Splna suffered a spinal cord injury in a car accident over Labor Day weekend and is being treated at Shriners Hospital in Chicago. During the homecoming week festivities, Menomonie players carried ice cream buckets around the high school and students and teachers threw in spare change. After the game, players from both teams knelt in prayer at midfield, realizing the seriousness of Spina’s injury. Memorial coach Pat McGinnis was appreciative. “I think it is a tremendous gesture by their team. This was a really great effort on the part of their players for a fellow football player. I thought it was very classy.” Indeed it was. The coaches and parents of the Menomonie High School football team should be so proud of this unselfish act of kindness toward another player who experienced an unfortunate accident and who might be paralyzed for life.

10 Years

Sunday, Oct. 4, 2009

Gilberts retires after 32 years at Stout. Cynthia Gilberts is ending a 32 year career at University of Wisconsin Stout after accomplishing an ambitious goal set by Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen a few years ago- increase the university’s fall enrollment past the 9,000 mark. Gilberts, executive director of enrollment services and director of admissions, saw the fall 2009 enrollment climb to a record 9,016. Her retirement was planned for some time, but meeting the chancellor’s challenge made leaving a little easier. Gilberts began working for UW-Stout in 1977 as assistant director of advisement and school relations. She was named director of admissions in 1995 and added the title of executive director of enrollment services five years later.

5 Years

Sunday, Oct. 5, 2014

There’s a moose that’s hungry and likely looking for romance that’s wandering through Chippewa and Dunn Counties. Jess Carstens, wildlife biologist for the Wisconsin DNR, said he received reports of two sightings of a moose around Sand Creek in Dunn County. He said a woman claimed to see a cow moose on the edge of Sand Creek. Then there was a sighting on County DD and Highway 40, in Chippewa County.

“It’s unusual,” Castens said of the moose sightings locally. He said he’s worked out of the DNR office in Menomonie since 1997 and these are the first moose sightings he’s encountered while there.

If you see a moose, Carstens recommends leaving the animal alone. “ They can become aggressive,” he said of the animals, which can reach 700 to 1000 pounds. Carstens said logic would tell me the moose will not stick around the area if there aren’t more moose in the area. The Chippewa Valley has a lot of traffic and people, two things that are not draws for moose.

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