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The Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Telethon headquarters in Menomonie will be at the Thunderbird Mall this year according to the Menomonie Jaycees, who are putting on the event. Big Bird from Sesame Street will be on hand Sunday. Featured again this year is the dunk tank and some of the persons who have agreed to be dunked include Dick Martinson and Kristi Strand, Chippewa Savings and Loan; Chuck Vind, Menomonie Fire Department chief; Tom Wolfe and Ric Most, First Bank and Trust; Jeff Reams, Menomonie Jaycee president; Mark Butler, Butler’s Sport Shop; Jim Hintzman and Bob DeLong, Dick’s Red Owl; Daryl (Corky) Spagnoletti, Dunn County sheriff; and Pat McCormick, Northwest Fabrics.

135 Years

Saturday, Aug. 15, 1884

There is an incredibly mean specimen of humanity at large in the city of Menomonie who deserves at least an application of tar and feathers if he can be identified. A number of ladies within the past week while passing along the sidewalk have had their dresses nearly or quite nearly ruined by an application of foul, black oil, thrown evidently by some villain with instincts barely above brute creation. Nothing but pure cussedness could impel a person to such meanness.

Phil. Wilson, son of T.B. Wilson fell from a tree a distance of about 25 feet, last Monday, but sustained no damage except a lively shaking up and numerous severe scratches. The force of the fall was largely broken by intervening branches, or the consequences would have been much severer.

125 Years

Friday, Aug. 17, 1894

Sudden Death. As Alec Hart was passing the home of Mr. Wm. Plaisted, of Rock Creek, on Monday morning, he saw the old man lying with his head and shoulders out of the door. Thinking he was sleeping he stopped to arouse him but on going up to him he found that he was dead. It appears he had been sitting by the door reading the paper when he fell to the ground dead. He had been troubled for the past few weeks with symptoms of dropsy. A jury was summoned, and an inquest was held the jurors were : S. Andrews, A. McCart, W. Churchill, W. H. Norrish, J.P. Norrish, and Wallace Norrish. They rendered a verdict of death by visitation of God. They found $25.00 in gold in his pockets. It is thought there is more hid in his house near the banks of the Chippewa river. He lost his wife by drowning twenty-four years ago leaving him with one child less than two years old. Mrs. Barlow took the little girl and reared her for him. Since that time he has lived all alone in his little hut. He was the first white man in the town of Rock Creek. The deceased was 68 years of age.

100 Years

Thursday, Aug. 14, 1919

Dunn County never before experienced such an appalling chapter of accidents as that which occurred within the five days ending on Sunday. On Thursday the body of Sam Thatcher, a well known farmer of Knapp, was found in a field, death having probably been caused by a lightning stroke the day before. On Sunday a small son of Emil Lindo was killed at Connorsville in a runaway accident. The same day Albert Hoiseth, a resident of Wheeler, fell down an open stairway in his house, his back being broken. Death ensued in a Chippewa Falls hospital. The series of misfortunes came to a sad climax Sunday afternoon, when four members of the William Reynolds, Sr., family of Glenwood City were killed on a grade crossing at Knapp.

75 Years

Wednesday, Aug. 16 1944

Injuries received in a mysterious car accident, details of which are lacking, caused the death of Elmer. Mitchell, 59, at the City hospital Wednesday morning. Mr. Mitchell was struck by a car Saturday night as he crossed the intersection of Thirteenth Avenue and Sixth Street. He told his wife that the car that struck him stopped, and that the driver, a man, took Mitchell to his home. Mitchell said a woman was in the car with the man but he knew neither of them. Mrs. Mitchell stated that the car driver brought Mr. Mitchell to the door of his home and left immediately and didn’t even help her get Mr. Mitchell into the house. The man was a stranger to her. Mitchell received ten fractured ribs, and a punctured lung. Police of the city are investigating the incident, attempting to determine who drove the car that struck and injured Mr. Mitchell. Besides his wife, Mr. Mitchell is survived by his brother, Charles, Menomonie.

50 Years

Wednesday, Aug. 13, 1969

40-Acre plot of land acquired for shooting range near Colfax. The site has been acquired, the area engineered, but facilities haven’t been installed. When the work is completed, however, Dunn County will have its third public shooting range. The range, located in the northeastern portion of the Colfax area primarily, but as with other public facilities, everyone is entitled to its use. The project has been spearheaded by the Northwest Rifle & Pistol club & Joe Petryk, a club member, reports that materials have been acquired and await installation by Green Thumb workers. The Colfax Shooting Range, like those near Boyceville and Menomonie, is the result of the Dunn County Conservation Aid Program. Under this program, the state forwards funds to counties in lieu of fox bounty payments. This amount is matched by the county and funds can be utilized for any worthwhile conservation project. This is the third year the program has been in effect and the initial appropriation was used for developing the Boyceville range. A second range was established last year east of Menomonie and the 1969-1970 allotment went for the Colfax facility. No deadline has been set for completing the range. Club members and Colfax area residents are hoping, however, that it will be open for use prior to the hunting season.

25 Years

Sunday, Aug. 14, 1994

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Elk Mound hearing should cut to chase

Hard to believe it’s been nearly two months and two informational meetings since Four Seasons FS announced plans to build a $3 million facility in Elk Mound Township. Since the announcement — and in the wake of the two informational meetings — no one has been able to pin much down about what exactly Four Seasons FS is proposing, or whether the property on state Highway 40 is suitable for whatever’s being proposed.

Several township residents have asked aloud at the informational meeting about. whether some safeguards need to be put in place to protect surrounding wetlands and the shallow groundwater associated with the Four Seasons FS site. No one’s been able to point at a map and explain what, if any, zoning ramifications there are related to Four Seasons FS proposal. Noting some of the nagging- questions and the seeming dearth of straightforward answers isn’t aimed at discrediting anyone. They’re simply thing’s that. need to be considered as Elk Mound Township officials sort through the issues that the development plan raise.

Township officials were right in waiting to hold an official public hearing on the matter until the people at Four Seasons FS detail the plans for a new headquarters, fertilizer feed mill and grain storage on the 40-awe site. Four Seasons FS potential $3 million investment shouldn’t be discouraged; nor should the development be permitted without due consideration to some questions deserving specific responses.

15 Years

Wednesday, Aug. 18, 2004

President should breeze through Menomonie today. Menomonie residents may get a glance of President George W. Bush today as his motorcade proceeds through the city enroute from Chippewa Falls to Hudson. The President was scheduled to speak at Kell Container Corporation in Chippewa Falls then proceed to Hudson for a “Ask President Bush” event. The Presidents day will be capped off with a Bush-Cheney rally at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. Sources say that President Bush will travel STH 29 enroute from Chippewa falls to Hudson. Sources note that President Bush intends to come into Menomonie from the east on STH 29. The motorcade then will take a left turn on 17th Street , then a right on Main Street. The motorcade will then travel down Main Street to Broadway, take a left and travel 11th Avenue, where it will take a right and proceed out of town to the west. There will be no parking on the entire route. In addition every intersection will be blocked by barricades. About 10 minutes prior to President Bush’s arrival traffic will be stopped in and out of the downtown area on all streets including Broadway and Crescent. Finally, sources said there is a possibility that President Bush might get out of his bus and talk to people on the street, but the Secret Service is usually tight-lipped about these situations.

10 Years

Sunday, Aug. 16, 2009

When Menomonie High School students start the new year, there will only be one principal in charge. That will be a change from recent years when the school was in the charge of a triumvirate consisting of Greg Corning, Steve Kolden and Tom Schmelzle, who retired after the 2008-09 school year. On Monday night, the Menomonie School Board approved changes to the administrative structure at Menomonie High School. Corning will serve as principal, while Kolden’s new role will be as associate principal in charge of high school academics. Activities director Bart Boettcher has been named as associate principal in charge of high school activities. “ I appreciate the board’s giving me the opportunity to set up an organizational paradigm that I believe will give us the chance to do a better job for our Menomonie High School kids,” said District Administrator Dan Woll. “It’s meant taking some very good people and making some tough choices.”

5 Years

Wednesday, Aug. 13, 2014

At the final concert for its 2014 season on Aug. 5, Carroll Rund, Ludington Guard Band president, surprised the audience—and the band — by announcing that Conductor Jim Woodford had just been approved for membership in the prestigious Wisconsin Bandmasters Association (WBA). Rund explained that membership is by sponsorship and invitation only. The process started more than a year ago when Bob Koepsel, an active and past WBA president nominated Woodford.

“Bob told me about it and the process and needed some recordings of Jim conducting the Ludington Guard Band to help make this happen” Rund recounted. “I was able to provide the recordings and the rest is history.”

Active WBA membership in the association is only for those band directors actually engaged in directing bands in Wisconsin .It presupposes a fair knowledge of music, theory and harmony, band instrumentation, band scoring and literature, recognized ability as a conductor and a high ethical standard of professional ethics.

“Jim certainly has had a very fine school band program in the Colfax school system, since he started to work there in the mid 80s and has lead us well as the 12th conductor of the Ludington Guard Band for the past 10 seasons,” Rund said, noting that Woodford is the only conductor in the band’s history to be accepted as a WBA member — and only three other band directors in the area are current members.

“He works hard, earned it and deserved it,” Rund said. “This is a big deal. ... Jim certainly has added his legacy to our (125 year) history.”

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