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From the Files, Week of Feb. 17
From the Files | Week of Jan. 27

From the Files, Week of Feb. 17

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145 Years

Feb. 19, 1876

Little Elsie, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. J.M. Gates, while coasting on the hill near the Baptist church in company with a number of playmates, last Saturday, had the misfortune to break one of her legs below the knee. At the foot of the hill is a culvert, and it seems that Elsie, on her sled, was coming down the track in fine style, when a companion playfully sprang in the way, and to avoid a collision caused her to steer to one side. The result was that the sled ran off the culvert and Elsie was thrown violently upon the ice below, a distance of four or five feet. She was immediately taken home, where her father set the broken limb, and she is now recovering rapidly.

135 Years

Feb. 20, 1886

Menomonie Bricks for Science Hall.

The building committee of the board of university regents has decided to construct the science hall of Menomonie red pressed brick. Berlin granite will be used up to the water-table. The building, when completed, cannot fail to present an imposing appearance. (Madison State Journal)

The Menomonie Pressed Brick Company will furnish under this contract about 320,000 of their fine pressed brick. Twenty-five carloads have been shipped already, and others to follow. The Menomonie pressed bricks are winning their way on their merits and the demand for them steadily increases.

125 Years

Feb. 21, 1896

Free Traveling Libraries.

Hon. J.H. Stout is working out a plan to give to the country residents of Dunn County something of the library advantages which are enjoyed by the citizens of Menomonie. He proposes to purchase books enough to make 16 small libraries of 30 volumes each. Each of these libraries will be put up in a small, substantial and convenient library case which can be locked and transported easily. Each one will have a set of simple records and be so arranged that it can be set up in any community and managed as a circulating library by any intelligent person. A library will probably be sent for a term of four months and will then be exchanged for another, thus giving each community in the county a chance to read all of the books in the course of a few years. Each of these libraries will be free to all who desire to take the books and who will take good care of them.

In order to get one of these libraries, a few responsible people of a community must organize a library association and agree to receive, care for and return the library in good shape, except for reasonable wear and tear.

100 Years

Feb. 17, 1921

Elk Mound—The masculine element of the village was liberally represented on Saturday evening when the informal opening of the bowling alley was held, and was augmented on Monday evening, when a partial organization was formed, by many more, including “our oldest citizen,” in point of citizenship, Henry Ausman, Sr. Thirty-eight members of the club are enrolled. Nonmembers are to pay 15 cents per game or two for 25 cents. If the women desire to play they may reserve one afternoon each week, and the fee will be the same as to members of the club, five cents per game. F.L. Myrick will be in charge on evenings when the alley is open to the public, and pin setters are Gerald Sorenson and Loren Benson.

75 Years

Feb. 20, 1946

City Seeks Two Blocks In City’s Center for Building Site.

Though no new school construction will probably come in the near future, because of the shortage of both materials and labor, and related problems, representatives of the Menomonie public schools have taken an interest in the two blocks from Third Street to Broadway, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, as a possible site for a new building. The Board of education of the City of Menomonie has already recommended to the city council that the city purchase the block from Ninth Avenue to Tenth Avenue, between Broadway and Second street, as a site for the proposed new high school building. This block is the one directly south from the Central school playground, in which the Menomonie Bottling Works plant is located.

It is expected that the city council will receive the communication from the school board, recommending that the city purchase the block and hold it in reserve as a site for the new high school.

50 Years

Feb. 17, 1971

John Furlong, vice president for special services at Stout State University, has left for a two-month assignment in South Vietnam as a consultant for the U.S. Department of State.

Furlong and two other experts in education will tour schools and industries throughout South Vietnam to evaluate educational programs and to make recommendations on needs for improvement.

Working in cooperation with Vietnamese officials, Furlong will serve as an expert in secondary education.

Noting that he participated in a similar study in 1967 Furlong started, “I feel with my background I can reassess changes that have been made and hopefully come up with some additional improvements.”

In Furlong’s absence Ray Szymanski, director of research and development proposals at Stout will serve as acting vice president.

25 Years

Feb. 21, 1996

Middle School site approved. In less than half an hour, a new Menomonie middle school site was approved by a 73-3 vote. The 40-acre site, donated by the Stout Foundation, is located on 22nd Street, southeast of Oaklawn Elementary. Gary Gust of Cedar Corporation explained that the school board rated 10 sites based on 24 criteria before choosing this site.

The school board will pay $210,000 of the $328,000 for installing a road and utilities in the area. Current plans call for 22nd Street to extend to County Trunk Highway J. Future plans for roads in that area include building a connecting road between 22nd Street and Lookout Road and working the intersection at Stout Road to have 21st and 22nd Streets meet at an intersection with traffic lights.

The school board is still looking at sites for the elementary school due to complications arising with a site they had previously chosen on Wilson Street in north Menomonie.


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