Wednesday, July 20, 1994

Revisiting the past: Students in the summer school civics and geography class visited the residents at the Dunn County Health Care Center. Students were collecting oral history about Menomonie from residents. The information will be put into a book. Pictured are Christine Klatt, the oldest resident at age 105, and Shannon Millin.

135 Years

Saturday, July 26, 1884

The store of Ohnstad & Peterson was entered by burglars Wednesday night, but as far as the proprietors are able to judge, nothing was disturbed except the money drawer which was found the next morning in J.H. Edward’s garden where it had evidently been dropped as the thieves passed along the sidewalk. All cash was removed from it at the close of business hours, hence the enterprising burglar had his labor for his pains. Entrance through the window on Eleventh Street, by boring with an inch auger and by cutting the glass and removing the stops. An attempt had first been made to get in through the rear door by boring a large hole through the same and removing the bolt, but the lock still remained and that method of entrance had to be abandoned. No trace of the rascals has yet been discovered.

125 Years

Friday, July 27, 1894

About five years ago Julius Blake, whose parents lived in North Menomonie, was employed on the farm of J.F. Ronneberger, of the town of Red Cedar. One day he mysteriously disappeared, since which time not a single trace of his whereabouts has been had. Since the disappearance ugly rumors have frequently been in circulation to the effect that the boy, who was 16 years old, had been foully dealt with by Mr. Ronneberger and his body quietly buried in the farm. These stories finally became so aggravating that an official inquiry was decided to be advisable and they were therefore investigated before ‘Squire Cowan last Saturday. The inquiry was thorough as possible but nothing whatever was found to implicate Mr. Ronneberger in the disappearance and the matter was dropped. The accepted theory now is that it is a case of runaway and that as Blake is now about 21 years old, he will soon relieve the anxiety of relatives and friends by returning home.

100 Years

Thursday, July 24, 1919

What might have proven a most serious accident occurred Sunday afternoon, when four young men from Colfax, with one from Boyceville, got mixed up in an auto mishap while returning from New Auburn where they had been to take part in a baseball game. The young men were Will Ingebretson, Lyman Paul, Alfred Olson and Clarence Burling of Colfax and Harry Anderson of Boyceville. The car, a Buick, belonging to the Ingebretsons, and driven by young Ingebretson is said to have been “going along” at about 30 miles per hour, when the driver attempted to turn out in meeting another car but failed to see a cement side of a culvert just at hand. As a result he smashed into the cement with great force, precipitating all five of the young men headlong, young Paul passing through the windshield. Ingebretson, the driver, sustained a broken rib and other bruises, while Paul had his face badly cut and bruised. Burling’s nose was quite badly cut and bruised, while Olson got one knee slightly injured. Anderson was the only one who escaped injury. The car was badly wrecked.

75 Years

Wednesday, July 26, 1944

Mattress Fire at County Jail Makes A Lot of Smoke. City firemen came back to the fire station with watery eyes Tuesday evening about 8 o’clock, after battling a blaze from a burning mattress in a smoke-filled ward on the second floor in the south wing of the county jail. Cracked plaster and windows and charred window sills resulted from the blaze before it was put out, according to Sheriff Fred Einum. Fire Chief Ed. Johnson estimates the damage at about $100. Sheriff Einum states that he was informed by a woman that she observed from across the street, a man who had been confined in the ward brandish a burning broom. It is believed that with this torch the mattress, that had been placed in a corner of the room, had been lighted, according to Sheriff Einum. He states that the man is charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct, but that no other charge will be brought against him.

50 Years

Wednesday, July 23, 1969

Passage of a “cat” ordinance and granting a Class B beer license to the basement portion of the Hotel Marion highlighted Monday night’s city council session. The cat ordinance was adopted after council waived the second reading upon the motion of alderman John Kuziej. City Attorney James Solberg explained the ordinance is the same as applies to dogs with the word “cat” inserted wherever necessary.

The Class B beer and cigarette license for the basement of the Hotel Marion formerly known as The Pit, was granted to Patrick R. Donley, 327 Park Ave. Donley appeared before the council and said it is planned to improve the basement area with paneling, plumbing, ceiling and wiring. Although the licence was granted in Donley’s name, he said he and two other persons plan to form a corporation and a full time manager will be on duty at all times. He added that a person will be employed to check ID cards at the door during business hours.

25 Years

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Wednesday, July 27, 1994

The new entrance to the Menomonie Post Office officially opened Tuesday, marking the culmination of efforts to make the building accessible. Tuesday’s celebration proclaimed “Americans with Disabilities Day” by Mayor Charles Stokke, also marked the fourth anniversary of the day the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed by Congress. The new ramp is at the Third Street entrance and leads to an automatic door that can be activated by pushing a button. Once inside the post office, two low-flung tables have forms available and work spaces. Lower-level post office boxes have been reserved for use by people who use wheelchairs. The ramp will be used not only by people with disabilities but also people who use crutches or canes, parents with children in strollers, those carrying large packages and others. “ Now I can honestly say we provide services for all.” Postmaster Bob Colaizy said. “This is a long overdue celebration.”

15 Years

Sunday, July 25, 2004

At least once a year for the past four years or so, the rumor mill has produced reports that Menomin Lanes and/or Country Kitchen have been bought by Walgreens or some other big-name outfit.

Confirming the rumors, however, has been tougher since none of the principals are willing to talk until the deal is done. A clue that something was in the wind came about when, on July 3, Menomin Lanes owners Dick and Gloria Snyder held an invitation-only “last call” at the bowling alley’s bar before closing the doors for good. A call to Walgreen’s corporate headquarters resulted in a response from the company’s spokeswoman. She stated that entering “Menomonie, Wi”’ into Walgreen’s is database produced no results.

The fate of the Country Kitchen restaurant still hasn’t been made clear. Repeated calls to company owner Chuck Myers has yet to elicit a response. Another unfounded story providing grist for the rumor mill would have folks believing that Heckels Family Restaurant has been sold and that Country Kitchen will be moving into its Plaza Drive location near Exit 45. Heckels Chief Operating Officer Rose Kienholz noted that it’s a tall tale they’ve been dealing with for a number of years.

“There is no validity to the rumor,” she stated, noting that the Menomonie Heckels is doing very well.

10 Years

Sunday, July 25, 2009

Darkness falls on Post 32’s final regular season game.

In what was viewed as a playoff preparation game, Menomonie’s and River Falls’ American Legion baseball teams faced off on Monday in River Falls and finished with a 9-9 tie as the game was called in the eighth inning due to darkness. Nine must have been the lucky number for the evening as the two teams combined to use nine pitchers Menomonie, five, and River Falls, four.

“This was our last regular season game” said Menomonie coach Jim Swanson. “Our plan was to pitch as many pitchers as possible to tune them up for our playoff games. ... The rotation was choppy, but our pitchers got the needed work” ‘He added, “All of our kids hit the ball well with Treysen Vavra leading the way with a grand Slam homer in the top of the eighth inning giving Menomonie a 9 -5 Iead.” River Falls added four runs of its own in the bottom of the inning before it became too dark to play due to lack of artificial lighting at the diamond. Menomonie completed its regular season with a 12-6-1 overall record.

5 Years

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Whoops of delight from members greeted the news that a local food cooperative was the high (and only registered) bidder at the auction of county-owned property at the outer edges of Menomonie’s downtown.

At 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Crystal Halvorson, general manager of the Menomonie Market Food Co-op, made the announcement at the store, currently located next to the Veterans Memorial. The co-op will pay the reserve bid price of $550,000 for the 1.3 acre property on the corner of Main and Ninth streets that is currently home to the Dunn County Human Services annex and public works building. The food co-op will construct its new store on the site, but demolition of the existing buildings won’t take place until next spring. “It’s a property we’ve been looking at a lot of years — as we’ve explored other options,” Halvorson said about the site that was once the home of Don’s Super-Valu grocery store. “It’s the only option that will allow us ownership of the project and the building right from the start.” About when the co-op will be able to move into its new home, Halvorson said, “If we’re lucky enough to be able to get into the ground before it’s totally frozen, we could have an open date late next spring.”

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