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Randy's business buddies are winning?


Why are the golf courses open if the Mayor has concerns about staying at home?


I had to pick up some meds at Walmart today & everyone I encountered practiced the 6 ft. Distance and were considerate of one another, something that I haven't seen in years, there were not a bunch of people but enough.

I also went to Dicks Market for some items needed & I found the same situation there.

Some mouths were covered some were not.

I guess I'm not seeing what you are seeing that prompted you to set your action into place.



The Mayor does not like the processes of government.

He just wants the city checkbook to use without rules of use behind it.

Great time to the Mayor's friend.


"The GOP plan comes less than two years after Republicans passed lame-duck laws that trimmed Evers’ authority even before he took office. Under those laws, legislators gained more control of public benefits programs, economic development efforts and litigation involving the state.


But the legislation also includes a provision that would allow the Legislature’s GOP- controlled Joint Finance Committee to reduce state spending — including aid to schools —

Republicans want more control of spending because state tax collections are expected to quickly dry up as much of the economy shuts down."


"“The giveaway, primarily to real estate investors and hedge funds, is larger than the total amount in the legislation for hospitals ($100 billion) and for relief for all state and local governments ($150 billion). Worse, the bonanza for these millionaires and billionaires has little to do with the coronavirus: It lets them offset losses not just from 2020 but from 2018 and 2019, before the pandemic.”"


"Nearly all other states have qualified for additional federal Medicaid funding to fight the pandemic, typically through executive action. But in WI, the lame duck law blocks Gov Evers from making the needed changes to qualify for the funding, which is about $50 million/month.

The lame duck law was passed by the legislature and signed by then-Gov Walker after Evers won the election but before he took office. The law limits the gov’s power, which is something R legislative leaders coincidentally decided was necessary right as a D gov came into office.

One of the conditions of receiving additional fed Medicaid funding is that states cannot increase premiums or make other changes that suppress enrollment. WI would have to suspend some changes that took place in Feb in order to qualify for the additional funding.

But under the lame duck law, making those changes requires the approval of the full legislature. Which has no solid plans to meet. Did I mention the deadline for eligibility is April 16? Failing to qualify could cost Wisconsin about $50 M/month while the emergency is in effect."

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