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A Menomonie man accused of fatally shooting his roommate with a crossbow and slitting his throat in a 15th Street residence was charged with first-degree intentional homicide Tuesday.

Richard W. Seehaver, 52, of 603 15th St. SE is accused of killing John Likeness, 54.

Modifiers to the homicide charge are domestic abuse, repeater and use of a dangerous weapon.

Seehaver “referred to (Likeness) as his common-law husband,” according to a citation and complaint filed Dec. 31 in Seehaver’s case record.

On Sunday, Dec. 30 at 3:18 p.m., the Menomonie Police Department responded to a 911 call from an unknown man, who said an altercation was taking place at the 15th Street residence, according to a criminal complaint.

Menomonie dispatch told an officer “there was a man yelling and it sounded like there was a physical altercation.”

An officer approached the residence on foot, and through a window, saw Likeness sitting in a chair.

“It appeared that Seehaver had his arms wrapped around Likeness’ neck,” and the officer did not see signs of struggling, according to the complaint.

After knocking on the door, the officer moved to the window and saw an object sticking out of Likeness’ chest, according to the complaint.

The officer could not break down the door, which appeared to be locked with a deadbolt.

After the officer got Seehaver’s attention through the window and saw blood on his face and clothing, Seehaver left the house. Officers detained him immediately, according to the complaint.

Two officers found Likeness in the house, sitting in a chair with a crossbow bolt in his chest, a “large wound” on his jaw and neck area and visible blood on his body, according to the complaint; he was warm to the touch but appeared to have no pulse.

Seehaver was taken to the Dunn County Jail, where two investigators interviewed him at 12:15 a.m. Dec. 31.

At the beginning of the interview, Seehaver talked about “talking to the radio and television and being asked to join them. He spoke about alien beings and not being the devil,” according to the complaint.

Seehaver told investigators that “for the last 52 years he had been reared for his role in an evil organization to take part in the ‘upper echelon’ of troopers,” and that to reach the “upper echelon” he had to make a choice, according to the complaint.

Seehaver told investigators he lived with Likeness in Menomonie for several months, and the two had lived together in Cedar Falls before that.

Seehaver said he felt sorry for Likeness, and that he had “put him out of his misery,” saying he shot Likeness with a bow, then cut his throat with a knife when the bolt did not kill Likeness.

Seehaver said he wanted Likeness to die as quickly and as painlessly as possible, according to the complaint.

“Seehaver said he knew it was not alright to kill or murder people but said that he felt justice was done and Likeness was taken out of his misery,” the complaint stated.

Seehaver said he was a violent person and was not afraid to “sit time if he had to,” according to the complaint.

Seehaver also said he smoked methamphetamine on Dec. 29, the day before he is accused of shooting Likeness, with a woman who he said also lived at the 15th Street house.

After the interview, a deputy reported seeing Seehaver yelling at officers and jail staff, and making comments to the deputy that “he had shot somebody with a crossbow, and missed his heart, and that he had cut that person’s throat and licked his blood,” according to the complaint.

Seehaver was unemployed at the time, according to a Menomonie Police Department citation and complaint filed Dec. 31.

A Ramsey County autopsy indicated Likeness died of a crossbow wound to the chest and had three sharp force injuries to his neck.

Seehaver was convicted of possessing an electric weapon in Sawyer County in February 2016, according to court records.

He was also convicted in Dunn County in May 2018 and May 2017 of possessing THC, a misdemeanor; was convicted in Dunn County in February 2016 of operating while intoxicated-third offense; was convicted in Dunn County in April 2010 of battery by a prisoner and substantial battery; and convicted in Dunn County in January 2002 of battery to law officers/firefighters, according to online court records.

Seehaver is in custody at the Dunn County Jail.

Also on Jan. 2, search warrants were brought for Seehaver’s home, garage, laptop, iPad and cell phone, according to court records.

His initial appearance was Tuesday, Jan. 8. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 8 a.m. Monday.

A $200,000 cash bond has been set for Seehaver.

Judge Rod W. Smeltzer is hearing the case.

NOTE: An online version of this story has been updated to reflect that Seehaver is in custody at the Dunn County Jail.

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