A Menomonie man reported losing over $4,000 to a fraud involving Google Play and Walmart gift cards on Feb. 27.

The man told Menomonie authorities someone called him on Feb. 27 around noon, warning him the person had a warrant for his arrest. The caller had the man’s personal information, including his Social Security number and address.

The caller told the man the warrant was for a drug charge and a money laundering charge from Texas. The man denied committing any such acts, according to police reports.

The caller told the man to drain his bank account into Walmart and Walgreens gift cards, and threatened the man that police officers would come to the man’s house the next day if he did not.

The man purchased several gift cards and gave the caller the gift card information, according to police reports.

The caller also told the man to mail cash via FedEx; the man sent around $8,000, but FedEx told the man it was unlawful to mail that quantity of money.

While speaking with a police officer, the man found the gift cards had been used up, at stores in Texas, Utah and California.

The callers’ phone numbers did not return with information, which suggested they may have been computer-generated, according to police reports.

Liquor theft reported

A woman was reported to have stolen over $50 in liquor from Dick’s Fresh Market in Menomonie on Feb. 16, according to police reports.

On Feb. 18 a Dick’s Fresh Market manager showed a police officer surveillance video of the incident. The video showed a woman placing two bottles of liquor in her cart, then glance at the cashier before leaving the store without paying.

A Facebook post from the police department resulted in the female being identified. She told officers she had had a personal emergency and had to hurry to leave the store, and had forgotten to pay for the liquor.

The woman had no previous criminal arrests and was referred to a pre-charge diversion program, according to police reports.

Lawn mower stolen

On Feb. 15, a Menomonie man reported his self-propelled John Deere lawn mower, valued at $450.

The man’s landlord said there had been other thefts of coins from washing machines inside the apartment complex that he believed were related, according to police reports.

The man said he thought he saw the lawn mower last on Feb. 13.

Footprints were seen around the shed where the lawn mower was kept, but they appeared to be a few days old and covered in snow, according to police reports.

The man did not give anyone permission to use or take the lawn mower.

Firearm returned to owner

A Menomonie man reported a pistol missing from his residence on Feb. 14, according to Dunn County Sheriff’s Office reports.

The man said he suspected a woman who commonly stayed at the residence with his dogs had taken the pistol.

Authorities found the pistol at the woman’s residence. She told authorities she took the firearm for collateral for the money the man owed her, according to reports.

Gems, used car batteries reported stolen

On Feb. 8, a Menomonie man reported the theft of a package containing a set of gems purchased from Knapp, valued at $150.

The man called the post office on Feb. 5 to find out when the gems would be delivered, and was told the package had been delivered on Feb. 1.

The receipt of delivery showed a signature and address that was unreadable.

The man was gone for most of the day on Feb. 1, and believed someone had taken the package, according to police reports.

A Walmart employee reported Feb. 4 the theft of used car batteries valued at $400 from Walmart.

The employee said the lock was missing from the used car battery cage, and camera footage showed a male cutting the lock off with bolt cutters, taking 40 used car batteries and driving away with them, according to police reports.

The man’s vehicle’s license plate was covered with snow and unable to be read.

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