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Stolen tools

A Mondovi man reported to the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department that tools worth $1,800 were stolen from a shed outside his residence between Oct. 27 and Nov. 1. The shed doors were closed but unlocked, and there were no signs of forced entry on the doors, according to the sheriff’s department. The case was transferred to investigations.

Wedding ring mystery

A Menomonie couple reported the theft of two wedding rings to the Menomonie Police Department on Nov. 5. The two were moving out of their apartment and left the rings in a jewelry box on a counter, returning the next day to find the rings missing and the box on the floor.

A man and a woman from the apartment cleaning crew denied taking the rings, but said they had been in the apartment cleaning that morning, according to a police report. The woman said she knocked the jewelry box off the counter, but said she did not take the rings.

The woman from the cleaning crew later told a Menomonie officer that the man took the rings and “threw them in the woods,” according to the police report.

The man eventually admitted he took the rings, then threw them out the back window of the apartment before being questioned about the missing jewelry.

The rings were found behind the apartment.

Colfax house fire

The Dunn County Sheriff’s Department responded to a residence on 910th Ave., Colfax on Nov. 7 for a house fire.

When authorities arrived at the scene, there were “high flames and a lot of smoke coming from the property,” according to a Sheriff’s Department report.

The home appeared to be a makeshift trailer or shed home, according to the report. A man said he had stoked a fire around 10 a.m., put the fire out around noon then went into town. When he returned, he found smoke coming from the home, he told authorities.

There were several space heaters inside the home, the man said. Several propane tanks were also found inside, according to the Menomonie Fire Department.

The Dunn County Sheriff’s Department does not believe the fire is suspicious in nature.

Trespassing in town of Dunn

An Eau Claire man and two Menomonie men told the Dunn County Sheriff’s Department on Nov. 11 that vehicles had been “shining” their property at 390th St. in the town of Dunn.

One of the men said a trail camera took a picture of someone driving through the property in a dark-colored SUV, and another picture of someone walking through the woods with a mask on, according to the Sheriff’s Department report.

In 2017, two deer were found with their heads removed near the property, one of the men said.

The report was forwarded to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Google AirPlay phone fraud

A Menomonie man reported to the Menomonie Police Department he had been a victim of phone fraud on Nov. 15.

A person called the man from a Waco, Texas phone number, telling him the IRS was contacting him about a claim to settle. The man said the person on the phone told him to buy $100 in Google AirPlay cards.

The man purchased the cards and called the number back; the person asked for the numbers on the back of the cards, then told the man “his IRS warrant had been cancelled,” according to a police report.

Another person then called the man, telling him his warrant was no longer cancelled, that Homeland Security had flagged him and directed the man to buy more Google AirPlay cards.

The man contacted the Menomonie Police Department, who informed him the interaction was a scam; the Texas phone number appeared to be disconnected, according to the police report.

Menomonie police urge winter safety

Tuesday, Nov. 28 at 12:26 p.m. the Menomonie Police Department reported a residential burglary on Main Street East. A burglar used an item to break a window and take several items from the inside of the home, according to the Menomonie Police Department’s Facebook page.

The department stated: “While there is not an immediate safety concern for residents, with the colder temperatures and darkness setting in earlier, taking precautions like having outdoor lights on or motion-sensor lights activated is always recommended. Please report suspicious activity, and look out for your neighbors as well. If you see something, say something.”

The community can report suspicious activity via the department’s non-emergency number, 715-232-1283, online anonmously via Dunn County Crime Stoppers Inc. at

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