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School house damaged

A door handle was stolen from the Springbrook Lutheran Church Schoolhouse in Elk Mound, the latest in a series of incidents of damage to the schoolhouse.

A Dunn County Sheriff’s deputy found the missing door handle and damage to the schoolhouse door on April 9. It did not appear anyone had entered the schoolhouse, according to Sheriff’s Office reports.

The object used to damage the door appeared to be a flat-edged object.

The last time the schoolhouse was reportedly damaged was Oct. 15.

Computer fraud reported

A Menomonie woman reported on April 6 that she lost $200 in a suspected internet fraud.

The woman said a window popped up on her computer saying she needed an IP update; she called the provided phone number and a man named “Brian” asked her for her personal information, including credit card number and photo identification.

The woman’s credit card was charged $199 from a company called “Samron Systems Limited,” according to Sheriff’s Office reports.

The phone number the woman called was not functioning, and a sheriff’s deputy who called the number received no response.

License plates stolen

A Menomonie man reported a rear license plate stolen from his vehicle on April 7. The front plate was still attached to the vehicle, which had been parked in a lot since November or December, according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

A Menomonie woman reported on April 1 that both license plates had been stolen from her husband’s vehicle between March 31 at 11 p.m. and April 1, according to a Menomonie Police Department report.

Damage to sap tanks

A Knapp man reported to the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office on April 1 that a person has been doing “burnouts” in front of his residence off of Highway Q, and also has been shooting at his sap tanks.

The man reported multiple bullet holes in the sap tanks the next day. He said he lost about $300 in sap due to the damage.

The next night, the man saw the same vehicle doing burnouts in front of his residence, then driving down another street and shooting at his tanks.

The vehicle had a light bar and a loud exhaust pipe, according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

A Sheriff’s deputy found burn marks on the road outside the man’s residence, and bullet holes in the sap tanks. The deputy mounted a trail camera near the sap tanks.


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