Cop lights

Management for a Menomonie residence reported to the Menomonie Police Department on April 29 that a coin drawer and lock on a washing machine had been damaged, sometime between February and April.

The damage was estimated at $250.

A tenant reported in February the machine had been tampered with, but after inspection, there was no damage and the machine was functioning properly, according to a police report.

After checking the machine again on April 29, they found the key hole had been drilled out and the coin drawer was able to be removed and re-inserted.

License plates stolen

A Menomonie woman reported on April 29 that front and rear Minnesota license plates had been stolen off of a vehicle belonging to a relative.

The woman believed the theft happened within 24 hours of April 29, and requested the plates be entered as stolen, according to a police report.

No further evidence or information was available.

Vehicle stolen

An employee of Keyes Chevrolet in Menomonie reported on April 29 that a vehicle had been taken without permission from a secured, fenced-in storage area that morning, according to a police report.

An employee found the gate to Keyes’ storage area was unlocked when the business opened, and later noticed a black 2007 Chevrolet Trailblazer, valued at $12,300, was missing.

Surveillance footage showed two to three people entering the storage area, and after approximately 30 minutes, around 12:39 a.m., two people entered, started and left with the Trailblazer.

The vehicle belonged to an employee, and was equipped with an alarm system, according to the report.

Law enforcement found an area of fence that had been cut, allowing access from a nearby walking trail, but no tracks or other evidence was found.

Two people test drove the vehicle on April 27, agreed to pay it, and put a down payment toward the vehicle, according to the report. Neither is considered a suspect.

The theft could be related to a motor vehicle theft on April 26, where a 2008 Chevrolet Trailblazer was taken from Johnson Motors of Menomonie, according to the report.

Google Play fraud

On April 26, a Menomonie woman said she had applied for a loan online, and a company called Advance America contacted her about an application for a loan.

The woman said she spoke to a man on the phone and gave him her bank account information. The man said Advance America would transfer money into her account, then the woman should transfer the money back to the company using Google gift cards.

The woman bought the gift cards and sent the man a picture of the cards; she became suspicious when the man said they would transfer her more money and she would need to send more gift cards, according to a police report.

The phone number was flagged as an unsafe number from three different states, according to the report.

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