Voters cast their ballots at the Villiage Hall in Holmen, Wis. on Tuesday Nov. 6, 2018.

The state of Wisconsin is mailing postcards this week to about 114,000 registered voters who have not voted in the past four years.

“The postcards are titled Official Voter Registration Notice,” said Meagan Wolfe, Wisconsin’s chief election official. “State law requires inactive voters to be removed from the statewide voter list if they do not request continuing their registration, which is just one of many steps we take to ensure the integrity of voting in Wisconsin.”

The Wisconsin Elections Commission is sending the postcards to voters who have not voted since the November 2014 general election.

Between that election and the 2018 general election, there have been 11 statewide elections and primaries. The postcard asks recipients whether they want to remain a registered voter at that address.

To stay registered, voters who still live at the address on the postcard must sign the part of the postcard that says, “Keep Me Registered to Vote” and return it to their municipal clerk by mail or in-person by July 31.

Voters who do not respond will be marked as inactive on the state’s registered voter list, meaning they will need to register again before voting.

The registration of a voter will also be inactivated if the Post Office is unable to deliver their postcard.

If you receive a postcard and your name or address has changed, please do not return the postcard. Instead, please re-register under your new name.

Voters can register online up to 20 days before an election at the MyVote Wisconsin website (www.myvote.wi.gov) if they have an up-to-date Wisconsin driver license or state ID card.

They may also register by mail up to 20 days before an election, after which they may register at the clerk’s office until the Friday before the election, or at the polling place on Election Day.

If you receive an Official Voter Registration Notice postcard but believe you voted in Wisconsin in the past four years, please contact your local municipal clerk, who is responsible for recording who voted in an election. Your clerk’s name and contact information are on the postcard.

Wolfe said the WEC has learned that a third-party voter registration group, the Center for Voter Information, is also sending mailings to Wisconsin residents this month. These mailings have a larger format and include a voter registration form.

“Our postcard will have an ‘Official Election Mail’ logo near the postage mark,” Wolfe said. “If third-party mailings raise questions about whether you are registered or need to reregister, you can contact your municipal clerk’s office or check your registration status at our MyVote Wisconsin website.”

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