A UW-Stout student decided to start a thrifting resell business because of her passion for thrifting clothes and finding unique sets of clothing for herself as well as others. Rachel Hughes wants people to be able to find unique pieces that they feel confident in.

“It feels good to wear stuff that has already been loved on and lived in. Creating a platform for people to buy something that was going to be sent to the landfill or overseas and giving it new life, is one of my favorite parts,” said Hughes, owner of Sifting and Thrifting Co.

Sifting and Thrifting Co. is a thrifting resale platform where thrifted clothes are repurposed and/or resold. Hughes started the platform last summer. She is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Stout, majoring in professional communications and emerging media with a concentration in journalism and an applied focus in art and design.

The platform mostly offers women’s clothing but also has some unisex items. Hughes handles most of the business over Instagram @siftingxthriftingco. She posts three different clothing items every Monday and Thursday for people to bid on.

The Raw Deal recently reached out to her after one of her first pop up shops at her home and asked if she would like to host a pop-up shop during one of their live music shows. She’s done a number of shows since then.

“Doing an in person pop up shop eliminates half of the steps that need to happen in order for the clothing to get from point A to point B,” Hughes said. “I am so grateful for the Raw Deal because they have given me a whole new outlet to resell thrifted clothes.” She said she loves being able to actually interact with customers and create a relationship and strong bond with them rather than doing it over social media.

Hughes is a full-time student so she is only able to post six items a week on Instagram. The pop-up shops at the Raw Deal allows her to sell more clothing and her customers are able to try on the clothing to ensure customer satisfaction.

“Since the Raw Deal is a popping place in Menomonie, I receive more exposure than I originally thought I would. It also makes it a lot easier to set up shop there because the Raw Deal brings in a lot of the same audience that Sifting and Thrifting does,” Hughes said.

The Raw Deal does everything fare trade and organic and thrifting pulls in that same kind of message about reuse, and recycling. “It is the perfect place for my business to find a home sometimes,” she said.

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