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In fall 2019, UW-Stout will begin using a new parking system in campus and on campus lots.

In fall 2019, a whole new parking system will be taking place on the UW-Stout campus and in campus lots.

As of July 1, Parking Services will be replacing all of the old coin operated parking meters with new ones that allow students to use cash, card, or a new app.

The new app that will be launching allows visitors to buy their parking right from their cellphones and add time to parking if needed, Parking Services officer Jason Spetz said.

The app will send a message alerting that time will soon be up and it will be possible to add more time to it, if needed. This allows visitors that are parking to take care of paying meters in the click of a button and avoid parking tickets.

“I think this new app will be beneficial because when I have three-hour classes, I don’t want to have to run out to my car to pay the meter during class,” said UW-Stout student Chelsea Miller.

“This is a lot more sustainable option because we save so much paper not having paper permits for everyone,” Spetz said.

With the change of parking meters also comes a change with parking permits. Also starting in fall, license plates will become permits with the new upgrade of technology and will be done through a license plate reader technology.

“It’s too hard to go and check each car because there are thousands of cars. With this new technology, it makes it easier on all of us,” Spetz said.

With permit parking, there will be certain lots available for parking and no paper permit needed. This can also be helpful for any students that have friends visiting for the weekend by entering their plate number and paying for their parking than having to go to parking services to get a temporary parking permit.

This will be a huge benefit for students and faculty as well as parking services as they have had issues with students losing permits or making false ones and selling them.

With the increase in technology creates an increase in price. Meters will go from an hourly rate of 60 cents to a dollar on campus and throughout the rest of Menomonie.

It will cost $5 for a whole day and it will be possible to max out the pay station if needed.

With the increase in price, UW-Stout’s campus will finally be catching up in price to other UW schools.

Emily Bourgoin, University of Wisconsin-Stout student, said, “I would be okay with the increase of price because it would give the city more money and give us more opportunities with the parking meters in the future. I think it would help pay for things we actually need.”

“This technology upgrade that we are going through will enhance customer service experience and be more efficient in workload and financially,” Spetz said.

“I think that would be really nice because most times I never have change on me so that will be very convenient. It will be especially nice being an art student when having to load and unload things from my vehicle,” Miller said.

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