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Clean water, our first need for life after clean air.

On Thursday, March 14, 8:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. at Memorial Student Center, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, you have a chance to find out what is being done to clean up the Red Cedar Watershed, and how you can help.

Read about the Red Cedar Watershed Conference by visiting and searching for "Red Cedar Watershed Conference."

My personal interest is in creating one or more natural swimming pools (filtered by created marshland rather than chemically treated).

I believe that we can create usable swimming areas in the lake and along the river which don't look like a plumbers brightly colored nightmare, don't use chlorine and are open for more than just the summer and more than 10 hours per day, without the constant risk of diaper dump pollution closing the pool.

I grew up swimming in rivers and lakes, and miss the natural swimming experience  minus chemicals, bright colors and echos.

Our watershed is improving, but to do our best requires all of us to assist ... beginning with the easy things: not putting anything but water into storm sewers which lead to the lake and putting nothing into the toilet which isn't urine, feces or toilet paper.

—Charles Barnard, Menomonie

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Issues: In this conservative rural area there is going to be little to no money to do any of this. Even with money available it has been and will continue to be wasted by the business community that always spearheads local efforts by keeping tight conservative control on local government. On top of all of this is the maze of regulations that have been built to favor real estate professions, business, and private land owners, all while reducing any environmental law enforcement across the board.

Even if you get past all of this and find full funding we are still left the general public who will litter, vandalize, and outright disrespect your well built in-lake swimming area, much like occurs at every single existing public park of all types in our area.

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