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Our school board president recently resigned from office like his predecessors before him. Unlike Jay Fahl and Colleen Davis, however, Dan Paulson mysteriously remains a board member.

Mr. Paulson has not issued any kind of public statement as to why he resigned. There hasn’t even been a perfunctory “personal reasons” remark to the media or constituents who trust him to represent their families.

If you’re not connected to the upper echelons of SDMA, you’re likely clueless as to the circumstances surrounding Mr. Paulson’s resignation.

I find that to be utterly unacceptable.

School board members, like most other politicians, are elected by the citizenry. Under the First Amendment, they can be openly criticized by the voting public. They can and should be held to account.

They can and should proceed in the public interest with caution, honesty and transparency.

When they resign as an officer, but remain in power as a board member, they should explain to their constituents the reasons behind their actions so as to maintain public confidence or own their misconduct.

Given the sordid history of recent SDMA Board Presidents, I find it more than bizarre that Mr. Paulson just packed up and left his obligations as Board President without explanation.

We know he was confronted by other board members in November, as well as by citizens in board meetings and by email this year.

Yet, Mr. Paulson has not explained why he made the mea culpa move of resignation.

Furthermore, why has our current Board President, Amy Swanson, not addressed this issue and put the public’s mind at ease?

These are some questions I have and, frankly, you should too.

—Charles Huff

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"“There is a section of us that are not confident in your abilities, and we are not confident in how you’ve behaved as a school board president,” Burstad told Paulson at the meeting.
At that meeting, board member David Styer cited an email from a community group, Menomonie Cares.
Paulson is a member of the Menomonie Cares committee, Styer said.

At the Nov. 12 meeting, several board members, including Burstad and Heather Klanderman, asked Zydowsky to look into the policy of reorganizing board officers.
Burstad made a motion Monday to pursue a vote to reorganize the board’s officers. ..."


What does the author of this opinion piece have to hide and which school candidates does this author prefer?


Will we ever find out what "happened?"
Or did the Board of Canvassers take care of it?

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