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Mabel Tainter is not only a building, it is a feeling.

We tend to take it for granted. I, for one, did up until a year and a half ago. Then I realized how much I prided having it in our city.

A couple of months ago a few individuals decided to have a fundraiser to pay off the $95,000 mortgage. We are doing it solely because of our love for the Mabel Tainter.

By paying this mortgage off, there will be more funds to bring in more quality entertainment that we all can enjoy.

Mabel Tainter is a multi-faceted venue. Did you know that Menomonie Theatre Guild holds their plays at the Mabel? Did you know it is a beautiful and romantic place to hold a wedding?

Did you know you can have a party or meeting catered here? Did you know there is an elevator and access to that on the North entrance?

Did you know that all of this brings more and more business to keep our downtown flourishing?

I am a graduate of Menomonie High School. I am appealing to all of the alumni of Menomonie High School to help us pay off this debt.

I am also asking the retired educators to remember all of the free field trips to the Mabel to help us pay off this debt.

I will pledge today $100 in the MHS Alumni category. Help me put this category up to the top level and top off the thermometer.

You can mail your check to Mabel Tainter Debt Relief, 205 Main St., Menomonie, WI 54751. Or you can pay online at wwww.mabeltainter.org, click "Support" and click "$95,000 Debt Elimination". You can also visit the donation page directly at ci.ovationtix.com/32695/store/donations/30617

—Emilie Wiese, Menomonie

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