I have just read the bill H.R. 1384 — the U.S. House of Representatives bill with 107 co-sponsors. It is about universal healthcare in our country and I believe it is important to get the word out about it so that we can fix the broken health care system in our country.

Email me if you want to know more about the specific details of this bill. Or you could google “H.R. 1384” to read the details.

Medicare for All, Act of 2019. What is there not to like about this new bill that was introduced in February 2019 by Representative Jayapal from Washington State?

Every legal resident in the U.S. is covered by this plan. No one has reduced benefits.

Physicians should like this plan because they longer have to deal with insurance coverage. Their payments for services and medical items are simply covered by a global budget or through electronic billing.

They can put their patients first and not have to worry about the decisions of the insurance companies or their medical administrators. Medical providers, physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are not bribed with incentive payments and bonuses because the new system eliminates profit from health care.

The new plan allows providers the freedom to use their medical knowledge to best treat their patients. Medical data from this single payer system helps to find the best treatments for the nation’s health care.

The residents of this country, who are often uninsured or underinsured, should like their new comprehensive care when they are not billed after they have their appointments with medical providers who participate in the Medicare for All program.

They will receive drugs and medical devices, mental health and substance abuse treatment, lab and X-ray evaluations, dental care, hearing care, vision services, screening and long-term care covered by this plan.

How is this paid for? Two-thirds of medical care is already provided through the government as Medicare, Medicaid and other federal programs. Think of the savings when the inefficiencies of the insurance companies is taken out of the picture.

The costs of using private insurance absorbs 30 cents of every dollar spent on buying plans. The costs of drugs and medical devices in the Medicare for All plan can be negotiated to bring down costs to a reasonable amount.

Calculate what your out-of-pocket expenses are per year with our current system. With a tax increase far less than your current expenses, we could afford this new plan.

Think of how this plan would benefit our country’s businesses that would no longer need to spend large amounts of money for poor health coverage for their most important asset, their employees.

Capital could be saved to develop their businesses and industry in the United States.

Think of improved health care for the people of our country. We could join the rest of the developed countries of the world and improve our life expectancies and quality of life.

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Lorene Vedder, M.D. is a family

doctor in Menomonie.


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