Dear Rep. Stafsholt,

I mailed you a copy as well, but this letter is for everyone to read.

The vast majority of the 133 Wisconsin legislators have held in-district listening sessions or town halls.

Since you have chosen not to hold any, one would hope that the survey your office made available to constituents would be a genuine and straightforward attempt to gauge opinions on important issues.

Perhaps simple questions like:

• Are you in favor of accepting the federal Medicaid expansion?

• Are you in favor of raising the gas tax?

• Are you in favor of raising county levy limits?

• Rate your concern about water quality in our district.

• Rank your top three budget priorities.

• Rate the quality of the roads in our district.


Instead you chose to ask slanted, loaded, misleading questions replete with basic right wing trigger words, like welfare, illegals and California.

Instead of just asking: "Are you in favor of raising the minimum wage to $15?" the question leads the responder by adding "even if it causes the loss of jobs and raising of costs," which is not necessarily the case.

You represent everyone in the 29th assembly district, not just Republicans. Your claims of not always going along with the party line are clearly proving to be false. I urge you to hold a few listening session in the district if you have genuine concern for the issues your constituents are concerned about.

This survey is nothing more than useless self serving propaganda.

We want you to do a good job, we want you to succeed. Come listen to what we have to say.

Nichole Manson, Menomonie

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Do you think Stafsholt took the same "oath" as Murtha and Harsdorf?


Of course.

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