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I am disappointed that Ridgeland is still having events where pigs are chased and chickens tossed from a roof as part of Pioneer Days.

A Change.org petition started last year called for Ridgeland and the Dunn County Sheriff to stop these events.

Animal cruelty laws that pertain to events include the need to provide shelter from inclement weather.

Last year chickens caught by a rescue were confirmed by a veterinarian to have frostbite on their combs and waddles.

After observing photos and a video of the event, the veterinarian determined chickens were showing signs of distress and some had medical issues.

Obviously, Ridgeland is not concerned about the well-being of animals or that they are teaching children it is OK to mistreat animals for human entertainment.

Maybe Ridgeland can be concerned that their events give a very negative impression of Ridgeland and of Wisconsin.

The petition to stop the chicken fly now has over 141,800 signatures.

Words used by signers to describe this event include: abhorrent, cruel, devoid of humanity, horrendous, stupid, wrong, senseless, barbaric, inhumane, sick, heartless, shallow, unacceptable, crazy, immoral, embarrassing, irrational, unconscionable, mindless, disgusting and disgraceful.

Comments are transferring over to Wisconsin as a whole.

An offered solution: Throw stuffed animal chickens off the roof with a number corresponding to a prize.

This would allow for pioneer traditions to be celebrated without mistreating animals.

There could be an alternative event for the pig chase.

Some commented that Ridgeland should be ashamed. This can be applied to the people providing the pigs and chickens, the Ridgeland community for having these events, the businesses that are sponsoring them and the people that are participating in them.

Maybe one comment summed it up. “The world is watching Ridgeland. Make your community proud. Cancel this year’s chicken fly and remove it from future celebrations.”

—Toni Bernhardt, Barron

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It’s unimaginable in this day and age something this archaic is still going on. The piglets might not be physically armed but will be scared to death and receive bruises etc from excitable kids who are allowed this demonic display. The chickens maybe can fly, a human can fall off a one story and survive. Both chickens and humans can sustain broken bones in this endeavor, humans would be taken care of, not the chickens. It is cruel and outrageous treatment and achieves nothing except to desensitize children. anyone attending and participating this even can only be described as a moron with no brain cells of thought or compassion. Use humans instead, maybe the deficient organizers can take the animals place, particularly as they say “ no harm will come to them”

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