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The start of a new legislative session is a humbling and special time for me. It provides a unique opportunity for elected officials to take stock in all of the progress that Wisconsin has made and a chance to reflect on our priorities and goals for the new legislative session.

The common sense reforms we passed last session put Wisconsin’s economy on solid ground. The state has seen historic record low unemployment and for 8 years the state has seen budget surpluses. We have seen increases in income and a reduction in the poverty rate over the last 5 years. These reforms also helped reduce healthcare insurance premiums and put money back into the pockets of hardworking families by reducing income and businesses taxes.

Looking forward, I will continue to work in a bipartisan manner and find areas of common interest with the new Governor and members of both parties. Specially, as Chairman of the Assembly Workforce Development Committee, I am committed to building upon the progress we’ve made to ensure every able bodied adult has a place in the workforce. With over 80,000 openings on, we need to make sure we continue to support and upskill our existing workforce. We must strengthen our career pipelines, like youth and registered apprenticeships, provide workforce skills to those in our corrections system before they are released, and help those with disabilities achieve their employment goals.

On Monday, January 7, it was my privilege to be sworn in again as your State Representative to the 93rd Assembly district. I’m honored for this opportunity to serve your interests in Madison and I am enthusiastic to continue working on your behalf.

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Warren Petryk is the representative of Wisconsin’s 93rd Assembly District, which covers parts of Dunn, Eau Claire, Pepin, Buffalo and Pierce counties.


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