The Wisconsin Legislature is currently debating what the state budget should look like for the next two years.

Gov. Tony Evers submitted his first draft of the document. I’ve taken time to analyze its details, and it is quite clear that the policies proposed will set the state economically backwards and increase the tax burden on everyone living in our great state.

Thankfully it is the Legislature, not the executive branch, which is responsible for how tax monies are allocated and how statutes are written.

With an economy doing historically well because of our prudent fiscal management the past eight years, Wisconsin has $1.8 billion in new revenue growth available during this debate, without changing anything.

That is why the proposed budget by the governor to increase spending by $6.2 billion with $1.3 billion in new taxes is not budgeting within our means as a state.

The budget as Gov. Evers proposed would also require Wisconsin to find an additional $2 billion to maintain the proposed spending levels for the next budget process.

All this translates into is that multiple changes will certainly be made to the governor’s draft by members of the Legislature. Public hearings by the Joint Committee on Finance (made up of 16 bipartisan members of the Assembly and the Senate) have started statewide.

In addition, I hosted several budget listening sessions to hear what your thoughts and priorities are for the state budget.

I understand that not everyone would be able to take the time to attend a listening session, which is why in the next few weeks constituents of the 93rd Assembly district should being receiving copies in the mail of a budget survey.

It is important that I hear from you and what your thoughts are on a wide variety of issues proposed in the budget.

The survey will ask you to rank your spending priorities and ask questions such as should we raise taxes to pay for more spending, and do you support legalization of marijuana?

To help save a stamp, I’ve also put the survey on my website under the “2019 State Budget Survey” tab.

Your thoughts are important in this process as the budget is the largest bill upon which I only have one vote, yes or no, and its multiple parts effect almost every part of state government.

As always, if you have other comments/questions outside of the state budget process, or need help dealing with a state agency please don’t hesitate to contact my office toll free at (888) 534-0093 or email at

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Rep. Warren Petryk, R-Eleva, represents Wisconsin’s 93rd Assembly District, which covers parts of Dunn, Eau Claire, Pepin, Pierce and St. Croix counties. He can be reached at 608-266-0660, or


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Are the dog whistles invoking enough fear towards Evers here?


"The essential difference, as old as civilized history, is between the men who, with fervor and broad sympathy and imagination, stand for the forward movement, the men who stand for the uplift and betterment of mankind, and who have faith in the people, on the one hand; and, on the other hand, the men of narrow vision and small sympathy, who are not stirred by the wrongs of others. With these latter stand also those other men who distrust the people, and many of whom not merely distrust the people, but wish to keep them helpless so as to exploit them for their own benefit.
The Republican party is now facing a great crisis. It is to decide whether it will be, as in the days of Lincoln, the party of the plain people, the party of progress, the party of social and industrial justice; or whether it will be the party of privilege and of special interests, the heir to those who were Lincoln’s most bitter opponents, the party that represents the great interests within and with out Wall Street which desire through their control over the servants of the public to be kept immune from punishment when they do wrong and to be given privileges to which they are not entitled."

T. Roosevelt

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