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Colfax Action Shooting Team takes medals at state match

Colfax Action Shooting Team takes medals at state match

Colfax Sportsmen's Club Scholastic Action Shooting Team

Colfax Sportsmen’s Club Scholastic Action Shooting Team members who attended the state match at the Saukville Rifle and Pistol Club were (l-r) front row: Alex Johnson, Raylee Kouba, Camilla Doyle, Eleanor Doyle, Evelyn Doyle. Back row: Kyle Weller, Nokomis Nosker, Jack Kouba.

Eight members of the Colfax Sportsmen’s Club Scholastic Action Shooting Team traveled to Ozaukee County for the Scholastic Action Shooting Program Wisconsin State Match. All eight earned at least one a medal, said Jim Nosker, head coach.

Thirteen teams were in the match; 11 of them were from Wisconsin, one was from Michigan, and one was from Iowa.

Kyle Weller was named to the All-State Team for Rimfire Rifle and again for Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC).

Colfax’ Rookie Optics Rifle Squad claimed second place and silver medals. Squad members were Alex Johnson of Stanley; Camilla Doyle and Eleanor Doyle of Elk Mound; and Raylee Kouba of Colfax.

Colfax’ Rimfire Pistol Iron Open (Mixed) Squad also claimed second place and silver medals. Squad members were Nokomis Nosker, Colfax, Varsity; Weller, Hayward, Senior/Jr. Varsity; Evelyn Doyle, Elk Mound, Intermediate/Advanced; and Jack Kouba, Colfax, Senior/Jr. Varsity.

Their PCC Non-Collegiate Open Squad earned silver medals too. Squad members were Nokomis Nosker, Johnson, Weller, and Evelyn Doyle.

Colfax’ Rimfire Pistol Optic Non-Collegiate Open Squad came in third for bronze medals. The squad was composed of Nokomis Nosker, Weller, Evelyn Doyle, and Jack Kouba.

Two weeks earlier the same eight members of the Colfax team participated in the Virtual 2021 Scholastic Action Shooting Program (SASP) Late Spring Warmup Match, the results of which weren’t available until right before the state match.

In the Virtual Match, Colfax’ Optic Rifle Rookie squad claimed the first place gold. Squad members were Johnson, Camilla and Eleanor Doyle, and Raylee Kouba.

Their Rimfire Pistol Iron Site squad of Nokomis Nosker, Weller, Evelyn Doyle, and Jack Kouba also took first place.

Colfax’ Rimfire Pistol Optic squad composed of the same four athletes earned gold medals as well.

Their PCC squad of Nokomis Nosker, Weller, Johnson, and Evelyn Doyle took first place too.

In Rimfire Rifle Optics it was the squad of Nokomis Nosker, Weller, Evelyn Doyle, and Jack Kouba that claimed the first place gold medals.

However, in Rimfire Rifle Iron Sight it was a different story and Colfax had to settle for the second place silver. Squad members were Nokomis Nosker, Weller, Evelyn Doyle, and Johnson.

According to Coach Nosker, the box of medals that was shipped to him for the two shoots weighed six and a half pounds.

Colfax will next be traveling to the national match in Marengo, Ohio. That will be the biggest action shooting match in the world and when coupled with the Scholastic Clay Target Program’s national competition, also housed at the Cardinal Shooting Sports Center at Marengo, the week long event may be the largest sport shooting competition in world history.

In SASP competition, athletes shoot at stages of five steel targets. The targets are either round or rectangular and set at various distances and heights. At the start beep the athletes shoots the five target arrangement as rapidly as they can. They run each stage five times, with their four fastest times taken for their final score on that stage. There are four stages shot at each match. The lowest combined times of the four athletes in the squad determines the squad’s place in the match.

To do well, athletes need to be both accurate and fast, Nosker explained. To accomplish that combination the Colfax team practices most months of the year. It’s competition year runs from September through the following August.

SASP is designed to instill in young people a set of personal values and character traits for fair play, compassionate understanding, individual responsibility, sportsmanship, self-discipline, and personal commitment. It’s intent is for both the sport itself and those qualities to stay with the athletes throughout their lifetimes, helping each of them reach their full potential.

Youth may participate in action shooting using .22 rifles, .22 handguns, pistol caliber carbines, and/or centerfire handguns.

A new 10 meter air rifle, 10 meter air pistol, and sport pistol division has just been started as part of the action shooting program. However, the Colfax/Dunn County Shooting Sports Complex doesn’t currently have a 10 meter air rifle facility and the Sportsmen’s Club doesn’t have a coach for it.

Scholastic Shooting Sports Foundation is the national governing body for the Scholastic Action Shooting Program. It has the mission of youth development through team-based shooting sports.


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