The Red Cedar Speedway was in action with the WISSOTA Late Models, Modifieds, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks and the Red Cedar Speedway Hornets. Winners on the evening included John Kaanta, Dave Cain, Curt Myers, Brandon Jenson, Danny Richards, Jeff Tisdale, and Sean Svee.

Greg Nippoldt took the early lead of the WISSOTA Late Model feature from the outside of the front row, but behind him, fifth starting John Kaanta and fourth starting Jake Redetzke battled door to door for second. Redetzke took the position and moved in to challenge for the lead down low. AJ Diemel moved high on the raceway and battled his way past Kaanta and in to busy Redetzke for the runner up spot. Kaanta continued to challenge as he drove low, Redetzke high, and Diemel even higher as they all were keeping the eventual outcome in doubt.

Meanwhile, Chad Mahder made his presence known as he moved into the fray from his eighth starting position. It was Kaanta overtaking the point as he drove the remainder of the event to the win. Mahder was able to claim the second position over Diemel, Nippoldt, and Redetzke. The heats were won by Redetzke and Diemel earlier in the evening.

The WISSOTA Modified heats were bested by Clayton Wagamon, Mark Hanson, and Matt Leer as Steve Hallquist set the pace to the start of the feature. It was Hallquist early, but a pile up in turn three reset the field. Back under green, Adam Ayotte moved from his second starting position to the very high side and took the point. Third starting Dave Cain moved into second position before a quick caution for debris slowed the action. This time, the racing action was again short lived as a six car crash in turn four drew the yellow flag.

It was Ayotte up high at pace but a spinning Ross Prochnow drew a caution. The restart went single file as Dave Cain overtook the lead, Mike Anderson raced into second, and a caution was thrown for an Ayotte breakdown. The race was ended under yellow as it had reached its time limit and Cain was the victor over Mike Anderson, and Clayton Wagamon. Jake Hartung finished fourth after starting 15th on the field and Ashley Anderson rounded out the top five.

Chad Gullixson, Curt Myers, and Dan Gullikson won their respective heats in the WISSOTA Super Stocks as Myers came from ninth to win the feature. Rick Hallquist led the feature at the start but a quick caution for a Jim Harris break down slowed the action. Hallquist continued to lead but Myers was coming and soon he was driving side by side for first. Myers overtook the lead and Jesse Redetzke began to tussle in the high line for second over Hallquist. A very strong run for eleventh starting Tony Falkner saw him race up to challenge Tommy Richards for third.

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Richards went low and moved up to challenge Redetzke for second, which he wrestled away. Myers checked out of the field and drove to the win as Richards solidly claimed second. The impressive Falkner took the third position from Redetzke late and Dan Gullikson finished fifth.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modified feature saw Brandon Jensen drive from eight to the win as Shane Halopka started a row deeper in ninth and drove to second at the finish. It was Matt Klukas early from the pole, but Jensen wasted little time to move in to fight Josh Wahlstrom for second. Jensen overtook the lead and never looked back as he drove away from the field. Wahlstrom and Halopka raced door to door for second before Halopka bested him for the position. Wahlstrom drove a fine race home to third as 12th starting Calvin Iverson finished fourth over Jordan Hessler who rounded out the top five. Hessler, Karl Kolek, and Travis Anderson won the heats on the night.

The strong runners of veteran Danny Richards and rookie Andrew Hanson scored heat wins as Richards took his car from seventh to the win in the WISSOTA Street Stock feature. It was Dalton Hazelton door to door with William Fisher early as Hazelton was scored the leader. Parker Anderson and Adam Soltis battled for third as Soltis took the position and chased down Hazelton. They raced side by side until Hanson joined the fight. Soltis was able to take the point but Richards had closed and he overtook second and moved side by side for the lead. Using the middle groove, Richards secured the point and drove to another victory. Soltis finished a strong run in second over Hanson, Hazelton, and Mike Knudtson.

The WISSOTA Pure Stocks saw Jeremy Dahl regaining his form of old and winning the heat and leading the feature early. Jeff Tisdale drove from fifth to battle Pat Smith for second, took the position, and set out for the leader. As Tisdale was taking the point, Smith spun and drew the caution. Dahl led them to green and Joe Prusak closed to battle for the win. Prusak took the lead and Tisdale spun in turn four. With Tisdale coming from the rear on the restart, it was Dahl retaking the front spot. Smith and Tisdale were soon side by side for second and Tisdale not only took the spot, but closed on the leader and took the lead. Dahl chased Tisdale to the checkered flag as Smith, Cole Richards, and Prusak rounded out the top five finishers.

At Hornet time it was heat one winning Sean Svee to the lead from the outside of the front row. Jason Bauer closed to second as heat two winning Bradley York raced Lucas Brackin for third. Svee had checked out but a caution involving a spinning Ray Drury and Lane Lee eliminated his advantage. Back under green, it was Svee stretching his advantage back out to the checkered flag. York finished second over eighth starting Derek Krumrie in third. Bauer finished fourth over Brackin in fifth.

The Red Cedar Speedway returns to action on Friday August 16, for the third running of the Mahder 55 – WISSOTA Challenge Series Late Model event. They will be joined by the WISSOTA Modifieds, Super Stocks, and Limited Late Models.

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