PHOENIX (AP) — When nature calls, sometimes it just can't wait.

At least, that was Chicago Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood's defense when two Scottsdale police officers caught him and a friend urinating against a parking lot wall on Feb. 13.

"I can't stop now. I have to finish," Wood told the police officers, who caught him at approximately 1:10 a.m. behind a strip of businesses and night clubs.

Officer Brian Brown said Wood's demeanor was "cooperative."

Kevin Walker, a minor league pitcher with the San Diego Padres, was also caught in the act.

Officer Jennifer Clair described Walker as intoxicated and sarcastic, but still cooperative.

The police report didn't indicate where Wood and Walker were before the incident.

Wood, the 1998 National League Rookie of the Year, missed his original court date of Feb. 23, causing Judge Joseph Olcavage to issue a warrant for his arrest. Wood has since taken care of the citation, paying a $90 fine and pleading guilty during his rescheduled court date of March 12, said a representative of the Scottsdale Municipal Court on Friday.

Cubs spokeswoman Sharon Pannozzo said the team has no comment.

Wood tore a ligament in his right elbow Saturday and won't be able to play this season for the Cubs, who are currently training in nearby Mesa.

Walker, 22, also missed his court date and the warrant for his arrest is still outstanding. Padres spokesman John Dever said he knew nothing about the incident. The Padres' spring training is based in the Phoenix suburb of Peoria.

Officer Scott Reed said hundreds of public urination arrests are made each year in the same area of Scottsdale.

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