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The Boyceville Science Olympiad teams competed in the state tournament, held at UW-Milwaukee on April 7 — where there are no divisions based on school sizes. The Bulldogs must compete head-to-head against teams, both large and small. This year the middle school team placed fifth, while the high school team earned fourth place honors. This is the 10th year in a row that the high school team had placed fourth or higher at the state tournament. Boyceville is only the third team in state history to earn so many top places.

MILWAUKEE — Boyceville High School’s Science Olympiad team joined Madison West and Menomonie high schools in notching 10 consecutive top 5 finishes at state.

BHS captured medals in 16 out of 23 events at the state tournament on April 7 in Milwaukee — smashing the school record of 15 set in 2012 and repeated in 2017 — on their way to a fourth place overall finish. Boyceville also earned five state championship gold medals, second most among all teams.

Meanwhile, Boyceville Middle School earned medals in 12 out of 23 events and a school record four state championship gold medals on their way to a fifth place overall finish, scoring under 200 points at state for only the third time in school history.

In addition, both the middle school and high school teams won the Spirit Award, given to the school in each division that best demonstrates the core principles of Science Olympiad, including sportsmanship, team collaboration and team spirit as voted on by event supervisors. Boyceville is the only school district to have both their middle school and high school teams win the spirit award at the state tournament — for the second time, the first occurring in 2016.

Champion rankings

Winning state event championships were senior Rian Corr and freshman Nathan Corr in Electric Wright Stuff; senior Casey Owen and sophomore Cade Klefstad in both Towers and Mission Possible; junior Mark Timper and sophomore Caitlyn Pelikan in WiFi Lab; sophomores Ana Evenson, Jasmine Windsor and Pelikan in Experimental Design; freshmen Brady Helland and Connor Sempf in three events: Battery Buggy, Towers, and Wright Stuff; and eighth graders Elijah Farrell and Logan Windsor in Mystery Architecture.

A state runner-up silver medal was awarded to senior Brennan Wheeldon and Jasmine Windsor in Forensics.

Bronze medals went to senior Jason Swanepoel and sophomore Noelle Wheeldon in Rocks & Minerals; senior Emmett Kapsner, Timper and Rian Corr in Protein modeling; Corr and Corr in Mousetrap Vehicle; Evenson, Pelikan and Noelle Wheeldon in Picture This; freshman Grace Edlin and sixth grader Peter Wheeldon in Ping Pong Parachute; freshman Tanner Anderson and eighth grader Luke Becker in Solar System; eighth graders Ella Holden, Shiloh Wheeldon and Kayden Benson in Experimental Design; and eighth graders John Klefstad and Preston Coombs in Towers.

Fourth place medals were earned by senior Alexis Meixner and sophomore Emma Bygd in WiFi Lab; Helland and Sempf in both Anatomy & Physiology and Road Scholar; Helland and Luke Becker in Meteorology; and Edlin and Luke Becker in Rocks & Minerals. Fifth place medals were earned by Kapsner and Owen in Hovercraft; senior Lee Bolduc and sophomore Rachel Becker in Towers; Benson and Shiloh Wheeldon in Potions & Poisons; and John Klefstad and Coombs in Battery Buggy.

Sixth place medals were earned by senior Marissa Dormanen and Timper in Anatomy & Physiology; Kapsner and Swanepoel in Astronomy; Swanepoel and Noelle Wheeldon in Dynamic Planet; Noelle Wheeldon and Rian Corr in Ecology; Swanepoel and Jasmine Windsor in Remote Sensing; and sophomore Steven Rasmussen and Bygd in Electric Wright Stuff.

“This is one of the hardest working teams I have ever had,” said Boyceville Head Coach Andy Hamm. “Our students hard worked tirelessly since October studying their events, building and testing their devices, and to see all of that hard work pay off was inspiring. To win the spirit award again makes me so proud of all of our students and their high character and class. I am so proud of this group’s accomplishments, and it is sad to see all of our seniors move on. But they have really left their mark in a positive way on Boyceville Science Olympiad.”

Boyceville would like to thank the Hostetter Family and the entire Boyceville Community and School District for their support of the Science Olympiad program in Boyceville this season. Boyceville Science Olympiad is coached by Andy Hamm, Jenna Willi and Steve Duerst.


Dunn County News editor

Barbara Lyon is the editor of The Dunn County News in Menomonie, WI.

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