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Wednesday, Oct. 1, 1980: Children at St. Joseph’s Catholic School participated in a Reading is Fundamental book Distribution. “Flying High with Books” was carried out by having a balloon launch. Each child was given a note which contained the child's name, address and favorite book to put on his or her balloon. The children hope to receive answers from faraway places telling about the finder’s favorite book.

135 Years

Saturday, Sept. 29, 1883

The Knapp, Stout & Co. Company’s shingle and steam mills are now illuminated with electric lights. We understand President Knapp is in favor of erecting a tower and thus lighting all their works on the west side.

Mr. N. Sowden has greatly improved the appearance and value of his property on Twelfth street by building a solid stone wall in front. This became a necessity after the city had insisted upon placing a sidewalk upon the established grade. The city authorities can now do no less than to place the street at that point upon the same grade, for in its present condition it is a disgrace to the city and dangerous to those who travel it.

125 Years

Friday, Sept. 29, 1893

The village of Knapp is neither dead nor sleeping. The people of Knapp are building a Methodist Episcopal church in their town, which will soon be finished and it is a gem of architectural beauty. In addition to this, they have paid their pastor’s salary in full and forty dollars additional. This is only the beginning of better days.

A few days ago the gearing that holds one of the arc street lights in position in the third ward, was thrown out of place by some meddlesome boys and the light dropped to the pavement. Several persons were more or less shocked by coming in contact with the guy ropes. Had they touched the main wire instant death would have followed. We mention this to call attention to the extreme danger there is for those not familiar with the business in meddling in any manner whatsoever with the electric wires. First thing we know somebody will be electrocuted.

100 Years

Thursday, Sept. 26, 1918

The local football season is getting under headway, both Stout and the High school having squads out every night at the Stout park. Stout should have a fast team this year, but Coach George Miller cannot get a real line on things until after the new men report Oct. 1.

Lieutenant McCarthy who has had three years experience under the famous Indian Exedine at Georgetown university is going to assist with the line-men and give Miller more time to develop his back-field candidates. The stout management is trying strenuously to line up a schedule that will bring some real teams here. St. Thomas, Hamline and Macalester are among those sought.

The high school squad averages twenty men at practices, and more are coming. Eight of last years team are out for places. Two backfield men, Thompson and Valaske were lost through graduation. The squad which is coached by R.H. Bongey of Deerfield, will not average very heavily in weight , but will be on par with other high school teams. George Decker has been elected captain.

75 Years

Wednesday, Sept. 29, 1943

Four Colfax high school boys, returning late Friday afternoon from Spring Valley where they watched the Colfax-Spring Valley football game were injured, when the car in which they were riding tipped over on a curve of STH 29, west of Menomonie, after a tire blew out.

Driver and owner of the car was one of the students, Richard Krause. Alvin Peterson, 18, of near Colfax, received a severe cut on the left side of the head and neck. James Vehrs suffered minor cuts and a bruised leg and Elroy Gunderson and Krause received a general shaking up. They were brought to Menomonie hospital for treatment and were later dismissed.

An airmail letter was received Monday from Paul Hugdahl Vinmans written to his grandmother, Mrs. Martin Quarum, stating that he was awarded the “Army Silver Star” and the “Purple Heart”, following a combat accident in which three of his buddies lost their lives and three escaped with minor injuries by parachuting to safety.

Paul, a former North Side boy, says he expects to be back in the states by or before Christmas. He is in a bombing squadron operating at present in Sicily. He states that the weather in Sicily is about the same as the weather in Wisconsin, and that things are brightening up a blt.

50 Years

Wednesday, Sept. 25, 1968

Rural firemen were called to a truck fire on USH 12 near the Dunn County Hospital Friday, Sept 21, at 7:20 a.m. According to the report, the fire was out when the department arrived. Minor damage was reported to a cable from the battery to the snow plow lift. The driver, DeWayne Behling, reportedly put out the fire with ice cubes. The milk truck is owned by Jensen Bros., Colfax.

Queen Linda Crosby and King Jerry Odegard will reign over homecoming activities at Boyceville High Friday, Sept. 27. The football game between the Boyceville Bulldogs and the Colfax Vikings and a dance highlight the event. The game begins at 8 p.m., and the dance at 10 p.m. Music for the dance, which ends at midnight, will be provided by “The Illusions” and admission is 75 cents single and $1.25 for couples.

25 Years

Wednesday, Sept. 29, 1993

A group of about 30 people who attended the Menomonie Area School Board annual meeting unanimously approved the future acquisition of 12 acres of land near Wakanda Park for a new North Elementary School. “I’m glad,” said Callie Ockerman, who served on the facilities committee appointed by the school board last summer. “This is a positive first step.”

Board of Education Vice President Charles Brenner said there is a consensus to purchase the property now for future use of new north school and action will be taken in the next month. “But the board does not foresee both projects (middle school and north school) occurring simultaneously,” Brenner said.

15 Years

Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2003

People coming into Menomonie from the north on STH 25 might be wondering what’s going on at the Best Western Inn and Conference Center. Almost the entire north wing of the motel east of the pool area is in the process of being demolished. Given that it is the oldest and most visible part of the Best Western, some might have thought that the entire edifice was coining down. Not so, says Steve VandeBerg. The current demolition and upcoming construction work does, however, mark a change in the business. VandeBerg co-owns to the business with his brother, Scott.

The $1.3 million dollar construction plan ... calls for a reduction from the current 135 rooms down to 102. In their place will be a conference center able to accommodate up to 300 people, a new exercise room, and eventually a fine restaurant and cocktail lounge. The exterior will also be renovated for a more modern look.

10 Years

Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2008

On Monday morning, the sign posted on the door says, “Jake’s will be closed indefinitely. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused.”

On Tuesday, Jake’s Supper Club owner John Lynch said, “I just wasn’t able to make it swing anymore, and I kind of ran out of options.” He explained that the abrupt closure was based on a combination of factors: “The economy is tough; $4 gas is tough. There’s a whole slug of new restaurants in the Eau Claire and Menomonie area. And I wasn’t obviously able to change as much as I should have.”

Since 1946, there’s been a restaurant on Tainter Lake by the Lamb’s Creek Bridge. Until 1980, it was known as Doug & Mary’s River’s Edge Resort. The name changed to Jake’s when the property was purchased by Jake Frank, and it stayed the same when his son-in-law when John Lynch bought the restaurant in 1992.

Lynch said he feels guilty about the sorrow he has been experiencing about closing Jake’s. “There’s so much bad stuff going on, and there’s lots worse stuff going on than me having to close the restaurant,” he concluded. “It’s still not a good deal.”

5 Years

Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013

Looking to utilize the “vast vertical challenges that no other existing site in western Wisconsin possesses” the Menomonie Area Mountain Bike Association (MAMBA) and Chippewa Valley Off Road Bicycle Association (CORBA) have proposed to cooperatively design, build and maintain a mountain bike trail system along with the School District of the Menomonie Area — in part of the district-owned 443-acre Bjornson Environmental Site located in the Knapp hills.

On Monday night, site coordinator Bill Dingwall explained the plan to the Menomonie School Board.

The trail and its accessories would be designed to provide educational, recreational and revenue opportunities for students and the general public. If approved by the school board, construction would start in March 2014.

In addition to an estimated five miles of trails, a new parking lot would be built, along with a pay station for daily and annual passes that can serve as a source of additional revenue.

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