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Sunday, May 16, 1993: Dan Brown swings the sledgehammer to rip up old sidewalk in front of the former Hu’s Garden on Main Street. Underneath are storerooms, that Brown said they often find under old sidewalks, left over from the time merchants unloaded from the streets right into their basement storerooms. The “rooms” will be filled sand then the new sidewalks will be poured. With Brown is co-worker Lonnie Leiser.

135 Years

Saturday, May 19, 1883

The case of J. Q. Bailey, of Knapp, against the town of Spring Lake, Pierce county, was decided in the circuit court of Chippewa county, last week in favor of the plaintiff, the jury rendering a verdict of $750 for damages. This suit grew out of injuries received by Mr. Bailey in the tipping over of a wagon on a defective piece of road during the memorable search for the Williams desperadoes two years ago.

An action for damages in the sum of $2,000 was commenced against the town of Spring Lake in which the road was situated. A change of venue being taken, the trial was had in Chippewa county with the result above recorded.

125 Years

Friday, May 19, 1893

Henry Ausman of Elk Mound, was in town Wednesday for the first time since the disastrous fire last winter that swept away his store and stock of merchandise and left him seven or eight thousand dollars worse off than before it occurred. With admirable courage he has resumed business and is selling hardware, farm machinery, flour and feed as of yore, and as soon as suitable quarters can be provided will add dry goods and groceries.

100 Years

Thursday, May 16, 1918

The egg laying contest which was in progress at the Dunn County school of agriculture during the winter had ended with the Rhode Island Red hen No. 28, owned by Philip Wagner as the winner. This hen laid 84 eggs in 116 days.

Second best was a White Leghorn, owned by A.B. Webert, which laid 83 eggs in the same period. The four hens that stood first in the group contest were White Leghorns owned by A.B. Webert, and the second best four Rhode Island Reds owned by Phillip Wagner.

75 Years

Wednesday, May 19, 1943

Curran Feed & Produce Co. has just been named winner in nationwide “Food for Freedom” contest, sponsored by Purina Mills, St. Louis, Mo. Its prize is a $25 war bond. About 3,000 Purina merchants took part in the contest covering a period of four months. Object of the contest was to impress dealers with the responsibility of serving their country by helping farm customers stretch their feed to produce the greatest amount of meat, milk and eggs.

50 Years

Wednesday, May 15, 1968

Lake Menomin played no favoritism specie-wise during the opening of the general 1968 fishing season this past week end. Lunkers from most of the favorite species found their way to fisherman bags.

Marshall Heintz registered an eight and one-half pound walleye at Lee’s Marina. Heintz was using night crawlers. Another local angler, Howard Sonnenberg, landed a 13 pound, two ounce northern pike practically out in front of Lee’s Marina. In fact, Howard didn’t have: a net’ so Lee’s son. Rick, went to the rescue. Sonnenberg was using a rapala.

The Clarence Wolfgrams landed a five pound two ounce bass. They were using one of Pee Wee’s jigs. Pee Wee and his wife make a fine selection of jigs. Lee has them on hand at the Marina. What will surprise you is the price. Twenty-five cents each or five for a dollar.

On the other side of the lake, Green Wolske reports catches of walleyes. Anglers out of Wolske’s Island reported tremendous but short lived walleye fishing under the I-94 bridge.

Carl L. Peterson said he lost a big Brown on Otter Creek. Carl said the arm length brown jumped into a brush pile. Carl’s group did have a nice mess of trout from Otter Creek.

25 Years

Sunday, May 16, 1993

Boyceville discusses licensing cats: “They were large, vicious critters!” That’s how Police Chief Robert E. Hoage Monday evening described to the Village Board seven cats trapped since the village purchased a cage. “They were all wild animals,” Hoage continued. “There wasn’t a pet in the bunch.” He said the cats were disposed of in a “proper way.”

Would it help you to determine if captured cats are pets if the village had a licensing ordinance?” asked Trustee Gilbert Sykora.

“If they (owners) like their cats, they will have an identifying tag on them,” responded Trustee Maynard Pittman.

Sykora suggested Hoage contact other communities the size of Boyceville to determine if they license cats. “It is somewhat unfair to require the licensing of dogs and allow other animals to run free,” Sykora said.

Dunn County Sheriff Robert Zebro and Menomonie Police Chief Dennis Beety reported recently that 23 people have been arrested for drug violations during the last five months. Their departments, working with the West Central Drug Task Force, conducted the five month investigation in the city of Menomonie and the University of Wisconsin-Stout campus. Charges ranged from delivery of marijuana, possession of psilocybin mushrooms, and possession of steroids.

The majority of arrests made so far have been current students at UW-Stout. Zebro and Beety both noted that although the majority of the arrests were UW-Stout students, these arrests indicate the actions of a very small percentage of the overall student population at the campus.

15 Years

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

BOYCEVILLE — Village Clerk Cindy Swanepoel was given an additional job Monday evening by the Village Board. Armed with a shovel, she will need to explore the landscape to find burial grounds for pocket gopher tails.

Trustees said the village will pay $2 per tail for each pocket gopher trapped on village-owned property. According to state law, said Trustee Theodore Erickson, tails must be brought to the municipal clerk for redemption. This law, he added, also directs the clerk to bury the tails. Board President Steven Fischer said the village target areas are airport property and village parks.

Elimination of pocket gophers, it is contended, will extend the life of village owned property, especially mowing machines.

But other critters, besides pocket gophers, appeared on the board’s agenda. Should mosquitoes become a problem, the village will contract with Lee Shambeau of Menomonie to fog some 11 miles of infested areas at a cost of $50 a mile.

While concern was expressed about the impact of the insecticide on some residents. Trustee Herb Dow recalled when the village, using the old fire truck, sprayed with DDT to control the insects. “As far as I know, everyone is still living,” he remarked.

10 Years

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Despite a relatively short track and field season, the record book at Menomonie High School continued to change Tuesday night as Grant Luer shattered his second record of the year.

On April 3, Luer set the MHS indoor shot put record with a toss of 55-04. Tuesday, it was the discus that soared to a record-breaking outdoor distance of 172-00 at the Menomonie Tune-up meet held at UW-Stout, breaking the previous record of 170-05 held by Mark Slinden. He also won the shot put competition once again with a toss of 54-06.

5 Years

Sunday, May 19, 2013

On Monday, the price of a gallon of gas in Menomonie was $3.859. By Thursday afternoon, however, the price had risen 39 cents. In Minnesota on Friday, some gas stations were selling gas for a state record-breaking $4.50 a gallon.

Problems at midwestem refineries and regional shortages are being blamed for the spike, and consumers nationwide are expected to soon be sharing the pain. Too bad a car that runs on soda pop has yet to be invented.

Sofi Doane is the Collections Manager for the Dunn County Historical Society. She can be reached at 715-232-8685 or


Dunn County News editor

Barbara Lyon is the editor of The Dunn County News in Menomonie, WI.

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