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Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2003: A young male ring-necked pheasant and his pen mate wear blinders attached by inserting a plastic pin through holes in the birds beak. A total of 1,835 pheasants being raised by the Dunn County Fish and Game were fitted with blinders and will be released in early October.

135 Years

Saturday, Aug. 11, 1883

An incipient strike among The Knapp, Stout & Co. Company’s shingle packers was brought to a sudden and ignominious end last Monday. One of the boys having as he supposed sufficiently worked up the scheme among his comrades by securing their promises to stand by him, applied to T.B. Wilson for an increase of wages. This being refused he proceeded to inform his employer that unless the request was at once compiled with he should quit work and with him the whole crew.

Apparently not very frightened, Mr. Wilson thereupon told the youthful striker that he could go to the office and collect his pay, strike or no strike; and as far as the other boys, they could remain or not as they chose. Suffice it to say, the uprising did not take place, one boy who ought to have known better is out of a job, and smiling peace again reigns supreme on the Red Cedar.

125 Years

Friday, Aug. 11, 1893

Geo. Pickering of Weston has a frightful experience last Monday. He was engaged in cleaning out the well on Mrs. Hibbard’s place. Going down in a bucket, the rope broke and he fell thirty feet, or about half the depth of the well. The rope was lowered and by its aid and the use of his feet he was drawn to the top.

Just as ready hands were stretched forth to pull him out he left go his hold and fell sixty feet to the bottom of the well again. When rescued it was found that he had sustained a broken ankle and numerous external and internal injuries that render recovery extremely uncertain.

100 Years

Thursday, Aug. 8, 1918

Boys of Co. H are in thick of fight: Thirty-second division is moved to Aisne-Marne battle line. Soldiers from Dunn County have joined their American comrades in the titanic struggle on the Aisne-Marne front that promises to be the turning point of the war. Co. H, pride of Menomonie and Dunn County, long a crack unit in the Wisconsin National Guard, and with a fighting record in the Spanish-American war, is in the thick of the fray. The Thirty-second division, made up of Wisconsin and Michigan National guard units, is the latest to enter the tremendous conflict of this front.

75 Years

Wednesday, Aug. 11, 1943

A 4½ pound bullhead, the biggest ever known to have been caught from Lake Menomin was taken from the water here Monday night by Lawrence Burns operator of the Standard Oil station on Broadway. Many fisherman viewed the specimen and could remember seeing no other bullhead that was bigger.

Age of the fish? For all fisherman know, the big fellow may have been swimming around in the “pond” here in Knapp-Stout & Company lumbering days, when the “pond” was jammed with logs. That may be a wild guess, but it is certain the big fellow must have a lot of relatives, of younger generations, swimming around the bottom of Lake Menomin.

50 Years

Wednesday, Aug. 7, 1968

H. K Snively’s Sewing Center at 600 Main St. is observing its 100th birthday. The birthday has special significance because the business has been operated by two generations of the same family during the past century. The firm was founded by Jacob H. Snively, father of H. K. (Harvey) Snively, who still conducts the business today with the assistance of his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Ed (Katherine) Snively.

How do you prove a business is 100 years old? H.K. has an invoice, which he has framed, dated 1868, which states that Jacob H. purchased a number of items “from G.T. Bryant, wholesale and retail dealer in the Howe Machine Co.’s World Renowned Sewing Machine.” The invoice along with a Pfaff machine which is more than 100 years old were on display in the commercial building at the recent Dunn County Junior Fair.

25 Years

Sunday, Aug. 8, 1993

Cenex granted permit for new convenience store. The Menomonie Board of Zoning granted a permit for construction and operation of a convenience store and gas station at 2021 Stout Rd. to the Menomonie Farmer’s Union Cooperative at their meeting Thursday.

Workers have already cleared trees and done some leveling at the site, next to Gary T’s restaurant, and the house located on the corner was moved Thursday morning. Cenex already has a gas station and garage at 807 main St., and plan to operate at both locations for now.

15 Years

Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2003

Pheasants get fitted for “spectacles”. Well, not really, the Dunn County Fish and Game fitted blinders on the beaks of seven week old pheasants last week. Blinders on horses were to prevent side views. On pheasants, they prevent looking straight ahead.

Pheasants have a tendency to pick each other when they are confined. And for some reason, they take pleasure in eating each others’ feathers. The nostrils of the pheasants seem to be made to order for the painless fastening of the blinders. The application of blinders has eliminated the debeaking that was done prior to the unique invention. More than 1,800 pheasants were fitted with blinders.The Dunn County Fish and Game has been raising pheasants for nearly 70 years.

10 Years

Wednesday, Aug. 6, 2008

The Border Battle Bash Flyball Tournament will be held Aug. 9 at the Eau Claire Expo Center. Experience the excitement of flyball as 18 Teams of dogs, from across WI and MN compete. Flyball is a high energy relay race between competing teams of 4-6 dogs per team.

The flyball course is 51 feet long and consists of 4 hurdles leading to the flyball box. The flyball box triggers the release of the ball when the dog steps on the spring-loaded front. Each dog must jump the four hurdles, retrieve a ball from the box, return over the hurdles, and cross the finish line. The Border Battle Bash is sure to be fasted-paced event for the entire family.

5 Years

Wednesday, Aug. 7, 2013

It won’t be long and Elk Mound residents will have a real library to call their own. Village President Andy Peterson said about $147,000 has been raised towards renovating an old laundromat into a place where local folks can gather to browse the shelves for a good read, log on to a public access computer or conduct a meeting.

Dunn Energy Cooperative has pitched in with a $5,000 grant, while Xcel Energy has contributed an additional $2,500 to the cause. Because it will serve as a satellite library under the aegis of the Menomonie Public Library, the project is essentially a joint venture, with the village providing the space and furnishings, and MPL the books and shelving.

Sofi Doane is the Collections Manager for the Dunn County Historical Society. She can be reached at 715-232-8685 or


Dunn County News editor

Barbara Lyon is the editor of The Dunn County News in Menomonie, WI.

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