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“Football at Stout is on the boom…”

Thursday, Sept. 27, 1917

This boom helped Stout’s football team recruit more men to play than any time in its history. Coach Miller’s backfield looked good and Fladoes had been driving them harder than ever before and his efforts toward speeding up the ground gainers were proving gratifying. The line was strengthened considerably with several new candidates; to this point the line was the weak point for the squad. It was also in this year that Stout football games would be moved from Saturday afternoons to Friday evenings. It was unfortunate for many businessmen to always miss the games on Saturday due to scheduling conflicts.

Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016

The Town of Dunn held an open house to dedicate its new building – on Highway 25 across from Downsville School – on Sept. 11. The new town building has a sand/salt shed, a four-door shop area, and a hall that can be rented in the future with a kitchen and bathrooms. The previous land owners were Ted and Gary Watland and their sister, Gloria Miller, with her husband Glen. Dunn County established the Town of Dunn on Aug. 11, 1856. The Town had its first official meeting in April 1857. The town is 160 years old. The original town seat was in Dunnville until 1875. Boards meetings were held in various houses and a school house. The first town hall was built for $450 in 1885 on east side of river. It was sold to the Methodist Church in 1890 and another town hall was built. In 1967, the three-door town garage in Downsville and is currently up for sale.

Wednesday, Sept. 30, 1992

The Dunn County Shopper will be delivered in the city of Menomonie on Sunday mornings beginning Sunday, Oct. 4, said Jeff Becker, publisher. The Shopper will be delivered by mail on Saturday and by carrier on Sunday, said Becker. The Shopper was published on Mondays. Becker said the Sunday News will be a second edition, making the Dunn County News a bi-weekly. The News now has a Wednesday publication date. The Dunn County Shopper has a circulation of 24,500 that includes all of Dunn County and parts of St. Croix, Pierce, Pepin, and Barron counties.

A very quiet and harmonious, a sparsely attended, annual school meeting Monday night approved the next year’s budget and tax levy for Menomonie public schools. The taxes on a $75,000 home will go from $1,353.75 to $1,539, or a 13.7 percent increase.

Wednesday, Sept. 27, 1967

Menomonie’s proposed electrical, housing and plumbing codes were cussed and discussed, sifted and sorted, and hashed and rehashed at a two-hour session Monday evening in the council chambers. Ron Pember, city engineer, presided along with Robert Kess, city building inspector. City officials present included Mayor William (Bud) Eick and all council members except Chris Hovland. Little time was devoted to the building code and it was explained that this piece of legislation will be discussed at Monday’s council session along with revisions in the other three codes. Pember said that building code is “very similar” to FHA regulations because about 25 percent of home builders use this agency for funding purposes. Pember stressed that the proposed codes “are not intended to choke anyone out of business. We want something that is reasonable and acceptable.” He pointed out that the codes were drafted by committees and anyone desiring to join a committee is welcome. “Make your intentions known to Kess, the city clerk, or me and we will notify you when a committee holds a session,” he declared.

Wednesday, Sept. 30, 1942

This is the week that Dunn County will conduct its “Scrap Harvest” week, announces Chairman A. E. Tilseth of the salvage committee. Everyone in Dunn County is urged and invited to participate in rounding up all available rags, rubber and scrap metals of various kinds that will be put toward the war effort. Cream and milk haulers in the county are to play a big part in hauling salvage to collection centers in the county. Farmers may haul their own scrap to these centers if they have the hauling facilities. Chairman Tilseth has ordered 2,200 8x12 inch American flags which will be used in the drive. Each place that gives or sells salvage will receive one of these little flags and they will be stuck in the ground in front of the houses to indicate places that gave salvage. Another prize has been added to the list of salvage prizes. The Farmers Union offers $5 worth of oil to the milk hauler who brings in the most salvage.

Thursday, Sept. 27, 1917

The City council has become interested in establishing a filtration plant in connection with the waterworks system. The city engineer has been instructed to investigate the question and obtain specifications, price, etc. There are many types of plants used for this purpose at greatly varying prices. The need of some method of filtration is being felt more every summer and it is not unlikely an outfit of this kind will be in use here before another summer season comes.

Football at Stout is on the boom, more men are in uniform and out on the field than at any time in the history of the institution and this despite the falling off in attendance on account of the present conflict. The second week of practice finds the team rapidly rounding into shape. Signal work has already been started and although somewhat ragged, the rough spots will soon be polished off if the daily practice clip is kept up.

Friday, Sept. 30, 1892

Political harangues have always very properly been barred at Dunn County fairs, neither Hoard nor Peck being allowed to make speeches of that character, and no one having the best interests of the agricultural society at heart will at this late day advocate injecting partisan politics into any of its proceedings. The society has already been severely criticized for permitting the W.C.T.U., believed to be a semi-political organization, special privileges on the grounds, and further concessions in that direction will be neither profitable for the annual fairs nor the prohibition party.

Manager Swenby did an excellent business at the opera house all last week with the Northern Lights theatrical company. The troupe is composed of people whose conduct on or off the stage marks them as ladies and gentlemen, and the professional work attempted being always within their reach is successful performed. Hence the satisfaction and pleasure derived by patrons of their entertainments.

Saturday, Sept. 30, 1882

August Bellach, who lives near Lamb’s Creek Falls, went into James Glidewell’s saloon at Cedar Falls last Saturday afternoon, bought and drank a glass of beer, sat down at a table and inquired for the proprietor. Mr. Glidewell, who was in the garden nearby, was sent for and soon entered the room. Mr. Bellach proposed to consider some old grievance he had against Glidewell and they began to talk the matter over. In a short time Bellach became angry and excited, drew a ponderous navy revolver and snapped it twice at Mr. Glidewell, but it missed fire. The old man was immediately seized, disarmed and arrested. Sheriff Severson was notified by telephone, who drove at once to the Falls, brought the prisoner to Menomonie and lodged him in jail. He was taken before Justice Carpenter, Thursday, but the examination was waived and the prisoner placed under $1,000 bonds to appear at the Circuit Court. In default of bail he was returned to jail. Mr. Bellach owns a water power on Lamb’s Creek and he has devoured to sell or lease it to parties who would build a grist mill. He has failed to do so, and accuses Mr. Glidewell and others at Cedar Falls of working against him in this matter.

Dustyn Dubuque is the Events and Programming Coordinator for the Dunn County Historical Society (715-232-8685, or


Dunn County News editor

Barbara Lyon is the editor of The Dunn County News in Menomonie, WI.

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