A lockdown at Menomonie High School Tuesday morning was lifted shortly after 1 p.m. the same day.

As of 9:34 a.m. Tuesday, school officials began a lockdown after a threatening note reading: “I’m going to shoot up this (expletive) school” was found in the girls’ bathroom.

The incident was similar in nature to threats received at Eau Claire Memorial last week and Chippewa Falls Senior High School on Monday, as both schools discovered notes in bathrooms containing threats.

Menomonie Superintendent Joe Zydowsky sent a letter to parents informing them that the Menomonie Police Department was contacted and dispatched multiple vehicles to the school as a precaution. School officials had identified the threat as a non-emergency situation and asked parents to refrain from picking their children up from the school.

Due to the nature of the note, classes remained on schedule during the preventative lockdown, and students who needed to use the bathroom or retrieve an item from their locker were to be escorted. The threat was isolated to only to MHS.

“We are proud of our staff and students for how they handled the incident,” Zydowsky said shortly after the lockdown was lifted. “Every event is unique and different, and we always try to focus on the health and safety of everyone in the building first and foremost.”

Zydowsky said the school district will continue working with the Menomonie Police Department in the ongoing investigation.

The last threat-related incident within the School District of the Menomonie Area (SDMA) occurred last year when the Menomonie Middle School received threats sent via fax for two consecutive weeks. Police were contacted immediately, and the lockdown protocol for staff and students was initiated.

Elk Mound and Colfax High Schools have conducted assemblies this week in the wake of the recent threats to inform students and staff about the impacts and implications of these kinds of threats.

Dunn County Investigator Rod Dicus and Deputy Rich Day visited Elk Mound high school and middle school to talk to students about the legal and nonlegal ramifications of making such threats and how they can effect a community.

“Our goal is to work in partnership with parents, law enforcement and our community to educate our students and encourage them to make good, positive decisions,” Elk Mound Superintendent Eric Wright said.

The current incident at Menomonie High School remains under investigation by Menomonie Police. Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 715‐232‐2198. Anonymous tips may be submitted through Dunn County Crime Stoppers (www.dunncocrimestoppers.com).


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