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Movie money

On Aug. 30, a Walmart manager advised the Menomonie Police Department of a counterfeit $50 bill the store had received. The bill had been used on Aug. 21, but a suspect could not be identified.

The counterfeit bill had “for motion picture purposes” written on it and was turned in for submission to the Secret Service.

Vandals in a trailer

Menomonie police were contacted on Aug. 30 about the UW-Stout Water Ski team trailer being broken into and vandalized.

Entry to the trailer was gained through the ventilation hatches on the roof of the trailer. All of the trailer’s tires were punctured, items were strewn about the interior, the first aid cabinet emptied onto the floor, and equipment thrown into the nearby woods.

The expensive water equipment appeared to be present and undamaged. The trailer itself is valued at around $2,000.

A pair of pliers not belonging to the swim team was located on the roof of the trailer and was taken in as evidence.

Lite’s out

A Dunn County deputy observed a blue vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed along Highway 25 on Sept. 1. The driver attempted to make a turn, crossed the center line and extinguished his headlights before continuing to speed away.

The deputy was able to conduct a traffic stop and contacted a State trooper who said he had attempted to stop the blue vehicle, but the driver had eluded him.

The trooper joined the deputy and gave the driver a field sobriety test. The driver admitted to drinking alcohol, but showed no signs of impairment. He was given a breath test which gave no indication of alcohol. A second test administered following the man’s arrest produced the same result.

Threatening thief

On the evening of Aug. 31, a Kwik Trip employee contacted the Menomonie Police department about a man who was attempting to use a credit card that was not his own.

The man had come into the store earlier and used a credit card to purchase several items with no issues. He returned close to midnight and wanted to buy a carton of cigarettes.

The employee asked for the man’s identification and noticed that the name on his driver’s license was not the same as the name on the credit card he provided. He left when the employee refused to sell him anything.

The employee later answered the phone to the person they believed to be the same man from the earlier transactions. He told the employee that he was from Chicago and claimed that he was going to “hit up all of the Kwik Trip stores.”

The employee responded that she was going to pass along the information and photos of him to all of the Kwik Trip stores.

Partners in vandalism

On Sept. 3, Menomonie police responded to a call in the 1600 block of South Broadway Street from a woman who reported that a group of five men had thrown a trash can on top of her roommate’s car.

The officer located the men and pulled in from of them. Two took off toward UW-Stout’s South Hall. The other three men identified themselves to the officer and said that they had just met the other two and only knew the first name of one of them.

They continued to explain that the other two had vandalized numerous mailboxes, threw a couch into the street and a trash can on top of a car.

The officer walked from the 1300 block of South Broadway to the 1600 block searching for the damage. One mailbox was bent at the base, while another had been ripped from the side of a house.

A futon was found in the street and its owner said that it was normally on his porch. His mailbox was also damaged.

The officer returned to the caller who wished to press charges against the suspects. Another mailbox nearby was also damaged.

The four damaged mailboxes were valued at $50 each, while the damaged car was valued at $10,000.

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