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Lights out

An employee of the American Materials plant located in the E6000 block of 628th Avenue in Menomonie contacted the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office on July 25 to report the theft of a 20-foot Wacker-Neuson tower light.

The employee said he believes the light was taken from the plant sometime after 10 a.m. on Saturday July 21 and 5 p.m. on July 23. The light was described as being tan and black in color and able to be compacted down in order to pull it behind a vehicle.

The plant does not own the light. It was being rented from a supplier and retails for $8,765.

Without a trace

A man contacted the sheriff’s office on July 31 regarding a stolen four-wheeler that was stolen from the E1000 block of Highway 64 near New Haven sometime on July 28. No tire or foot impressions were left at the scene.

The 2001 Green Yamaha 250cc Bear Tracker four-wheeler is believed to be valued at an estimated $1,100.

Cyber scam

A resident from the 700 block of Bruce Court contacted the Menomonie Police Department. The resident believed that they had been the victim of a scam and lost $1,000.

The Menomonie resident disclosed that they had been contacted by a computer company about a program that was not functioning properly and needed to be checked. The resident was then transferred from a North Carolina phone number to a Florida number.

The man at the new number claimed to be a technician and began to display fake diagnostic screens on the resident’s computer. The man stated that he was going to refund the resident’s money for the program and that the resident had originally paid $1,000 instead of $160.

The man convinced the resident to purchase $840 worth in Best Buy gift cards to cover the remaining balance. After providing the access codes, the technician hung up.

The resident has since been in contact with the bank in order to change their account information.

Sugar in the tanks

On July 27, a man contacted the Menomonie Police Department regarding sugar being put into his gas tank and his tires being slashed at his residence in the 2000 block of Bongey Drive in Menomonie.

Later that day, a woman also contacted the Menomonie police about a similar sugar incident at her residence on the 300 block of 19th Avenue West.

The man noticed white powder in the parking lot on July 25, but it was dismissed as laundry detergent. On July 27, he noticed that his tires had also been slashed.

The woman noticed the white powder in the parking lot on July 27.

The slashed tires are valued at $300 and the cost of fixing either fuel system is unknown.


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