Bob Salt

Bob Salt

Bob Salt is the dean of the College of Education, Hospitality, Health and Human Sciences at UW-Stout. He began his career at the university in 1987 as a faculty member, and has had numerous roles at the institution since then.

In his current role, Bob has overall responsibility for leadership in the college, and this includes developing strategies to improve morale, assessment to ensure program quality, and planning for building projects. He values the opportunity to support faculty and staff in the college, to work toward solving problems, and to serve as a person who faculty and staff can trust to share concerns.

Bob has been heavily involved in higher education since the late 1970s, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in political science and broadcasting and a master’s degree in Child Development and Family Relations from the University of Maine. He received his Ph.D. in Child Development and Family Studies from Purdue University in 1987. During college, he worked as a radio and TV announcer, and following graduation worked as a high school Social Studies teacher.

Bob initially came to UW-Stout because of the reputation of what was then the Human Development, Family Living and Community Educational Services department. He has stayed because he has felt that UW-Stout is a place where he could make a difference in a number of roles, where he could develop new courses that would aid students, and where he was able to find success as a teacher, scholar, and leader. He is grateful for the opportunity to work with many wonderful, talented, and caring human beings, and to have traveled to 18 different countries, five with students, as part of his work at UW-Stout.

Bob grew up in Massachusetts, and spent a great deal of time in Maine and other parts of New England, and he still has a great deal of affinity for that part of the country. However, he has also come to enjoy and appreciate Wisconsin and Menomonie, and has been involved in several civic organizations that contribute to the community.

Outside of work Bob enjoys travel, playing tennis and watching the Red Sox. He has two adult children, who are both active in the performing arts. His son Josh has been a professional actor in plays, TV shows, and movies. His daughter Emily is currently working as the assistant director on a feature-length film. He feels fortunate to have a great relationship with both of his children.

Bob continues to see a bright future for UW-Stout. He hopes that the coming years at UW-Stout will include a renovated Heritage Hall, which would be configured to provide greater opportunities to interface with the larger community and facilitate student work that would also benefit local and regional citizens.

Bob looks forward to continuing to help ensure that UW-Stout remains a wonderful place for students to be educated for career and a fulfilling life, and a great place for faculty and staff to work in helping students achieve their personal and educational goals.

Patrick Guilfoile, Ph.D. is the provost and vice chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs at University of Wisconsin-Stout.


Dunn County News editor

Barbara Lyon is the editor of The Dunn County News in Menomonie, WI.

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