Erik Evensen is an associate professor in the Department of Design at UW-Stout. He teaches a variety of digital imaging and drawing classes to majors in all fields of design. This includes instruction in general software skills, along with digital drawing and digital painting.

Like many faculty members, before coming to UW-Stout, Evensen worked in industry: advertising and design. Evensen loved the creative work he did in the corporate environment. Now he relishes the opportunity to help other people find the joy in what they do. A problem-solver by nature, Evensen finds his personality well-suited to teaching, where creative problem-solving is needed constantly to determine how best to help students learn.

While a graduate student at Ohio State, Evensen began researching schools where he wanted to work, and UW-Stout was among those on the top of this list. He was aware of UW-Stout’s large and robust School of Art and Design, with successful programs, lots of course offerings and a wide range of majors.

When an opening became available at UW-Stout, he readily accepted the position. Evensen continues to appreciate the work and the challenges, now in his sixth year at the institution.

Evensen loves working with the people at UW-Stout, both colleagues and students, he said. He also really enjoys Menomonie, which is reminiscent in some ways of the town where he grew up in New Hampshire. As compared to his hometown, though, the presence of the university makes a huge difference in the availability of cultural and other opportunities.

Evensen takes pride in the services Stout provides to students, in terms of both the teaching and the cutting-edge hardware and software we provide for students to use. He also appreciates the commitment and engagement of faculty, staff and students toward one another, and toward the educational enterprise.

Evensen describes his hopes for the future of UW-Stout to include continued innovation with new majors and more collaborations across campus and among programs. He is confident that the university will continue to maintain the positive energy that led to its creation.

Outside of work, Evensen is very active in the community, playing saxophone in the Ludington Guard Band and participating in Community Theatre, including a recent appearance as Dracula. His family has a long history of work in education and music; his father and wife are both band directors.

In addition to his pastimes in the performing arts, Evensen is passionate about drawing and is heavily engaged in work on comics and graphic novels. His work has included illustrations for “Ghostbusters” and “Back to the Future” comic series and two independent graphic novels. This hobby also intersects closely with his teaching, since many of the tools and techniques he uses to create comics and graphics novels are things he imparts to his students in the classroom.

Evensen feels fortunate he has found a way to connect his hobbies, his passion and his teaching for students’ benefit.

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Patrick Guilfoile, Ph.D. is the provost and vice chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs at University of Wisconsin-Stout.


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