MHS Class off 1968

Every five years, Menomonie High School's Class of 1968 has held a reunion. Here's who attended the 50th anniversary gathering.

The Menomonie High School Class of 1968 met at the Off Broadway Banquet Center to celebrate their 50th class reunion on July 14. The class has had a reunion every five years since the first one held in 1973.

Through a silent auction with items provided by class members, $700 was raised and will be donated to the Menomonie High School Alumni Association in behalf of the class.

Attending the reunion from the class were: DeAnna McGill Anderson, Larry Bjork, Leona Burns Halverson, Robert Busch, Kathy Buss Bauer, Rod Eagan, Ruth Engledinger Claire, Joy Evan Keyes, Karen Ford Bammert, Michael Gauvin, Bob Giertz, Mary Hake Miland, Steve Hanke, Colleen Hartle Bark, Jeff Heitkamp, Kathy Hickey Kuhn, Les Kuhn, Lois Hintzman, Monica Hintzman Korkiszka, Sue Hintzman Adler, Pamela Holten Brooten, Sandra Holten Athneil, Vern Holzhueter, Sherry Jensen Brier, Bill Kemp, Tom King, Jean Koepnick Helland, Colin Laberee, Darlene Larson Harnisch, David Laustad, Gary Link, Diane Manor Werner, James Manor, Donna May Dircz, Linda Moritz Roth, Sacia Myers Pence, Carol Nelson Blau, Dave Nowaskey, David Olson, Judy Otto Hinrichs, James Pechmiller, Connie Price Salquist, Don Prochnow, Ardith Quilling Richter, Sandy Rhodes Krig, Kathryn Ryan, Janice Sanderson Gohl, Ron Schaefer, Barb Schleusner McRoberts, Earlyne Schleusner Young, Steve Schlough, Judith Score Felts, Nancy Shoemaker Kern, Rod Smeltzer, Sue Stai Jenson, Debra Stanton Delander, Dean Stokke, Daniel Strehlau, Mike Suckow, Julene Sweeney, Mary Thedinga Curran, Mike Thibado, Karen Vasey, Linda Verdon Uetz, Linda Voightschild Wilman, Ione Van Blaricom Meoska, Dave Wagner, Gary Welch, Mike Wendt, Joanne Werner Hestekin, Charlotte Wieland, Jacquelyn Williams Wilman, Pauline Wolbert Beskar, Dan Wyss, and Maynard Ziehme.

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