Trumpcare (aka Don’tCare) as well as the Trump budget have recently hit the news, and people who understand the devastation both would cause are sitting slack-jawed.

But at a recent town hall meeting for House Republican Tom MacArthur from New Jersey an eloquent constituent said exactly this, “You have been the single greatest threat to my family in the entire world”. He said a whole lot more, 13 minutes worth.

Trump wants to spend extraordinary amounts of money on a border wall and increase an already overblown military budget. And he wants to pay for these things with money meant to support sick people, money meant to improve the lives of people living in poverty, money for the EPA, money for the arts, money for medical research, etc.

I agree with Tom MacArthur’s constituent, Geoff Ginter, and I’ll say that the U.S. Congress and Trump are the single greatest threats to my family in the entire world. The adults in my household will lose health insurance if Trumpcare passes, and my child will likely lose health insurance if the Trump budget passes. And that is a lot scarier to me than a refugee entering our country from anywhere in the world seeking asylum from a brutal dictator.


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