I was sincerely troubled this week to hear a radio advertisement from one of the 10th Senate District Republican candidates. He not only attacked his opponent Shannon Zimmerman personally, but he attacked Governor Walker and Senator Sheila Harsdorf in what may be one of the most blatant forms of political attack that I’ve heard at the local level in years.

So many people are frustrated with our elected officials at the national level. Regardless of your political position, we see behavior that is selfish and polarizing. What people across the nation — and certainly in our wonderful community — want is decorum, civility and a willingness to debate with a respect that we are proud of. This was not the case with the negative advertisement of Adam Jarchow.

The nature of a political race is sure to bring out competition. We expect this. In fact, it can be healthy.

When did we have candidates that literally attack their opponent, the predecessor to the seat they seek and the same party governor in an attempt to gain popularity? I feel firmly this is a reactionary, selfish approach that does not represent the values of Hudson or our great area. Is this really who we want to represent the party he just ridiculed?

I’ve been involved in local government and know first-hand the sacrifice and selfless commitment it takes. My husband, Alan, and I cared deeply about our community while he served as mayor of Hudson — we still do. Most often, elected officials are people that sincerely care about their communities and want to make a difference.

Does this mean we all agree, all of the time? No. Still, we act with a decorum and respect that does not ravage a party for one’s own gain.

I refuse to vote for a person that attacks personally his opponent — and while in a party primary will also extend that attack to his party governor and former senator. I will be casting my vote for Shannon Zimmerman.

Shannon is a local businessperson, job creator, selfless supporter of our community, has long-term strategies for tax reform, and is developing ways for business and education to come together in new and innovative ways.

Shannon Zimmerman is the right choice for Hudson and all of District 10.



Dunn County News editor

Barbara Lyon is the editor of The Dunn County News in Menomonie, WI.

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