While the Dunn County Board of Supervisors had their meeting on July 25, the Town of Colfax had their Plan Commission meeting. The invited guest was Neil Koch, a retired hydrologist living in the Town of Menomonie.

The Town of Colfax Plan Commission tries to invite Neil Koch at least once a year since the Town of Colfax has focused groundwater as a major element of the Township’s Comprehensive Plan going back to 2006. Neil Koch created the groundwater recharge map for Dunn County back in 2005.

Neil informed us that the counties of Pepin and St. Croix are very interested in Neil creating a map for their counties. Of course, Neil had to remind these counties that he is retired and the compensation they were offering was less than stellar.

Neil’s presentation was very concise and to the point. Dunn County has only one aquifer. That aquifer extends south to the edge of Madison, Wis. That would account for the recent article I read pertaining to southern Wood County and northern Juneau County where the nitrate levels are high.

I’m very familiar with Juneau County as I was born in the county and have many relatives living there presently. The solutions presented at this meeting were few and not promising. The expensive costs of residents digging wells deeper may or may not fix the nitrate problem.

After saying all this, why does Dunn County still allow the spreading of human septage on the land in Dunn County? How many committee meetings does it take to realize that this archaic practice is completely environmentally irresponsible?

I would think the Health Dept. of Dunn County would be screaming and maybe they are. How long will it take Dunn County to pass an ordinance to stop this environmentally damaging practice. ... We’ll see.

TERRY NICHOLS, Town of Colfax


Dunn County News editor

Barbara Lyon is the editor of The Dunn County News in Menomonie, WI.

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