Elk Mound took control of the field against Boyceville and didn’t let much slide past them in last Friday’s game 41-12 victory in favor of Elk Mound.

Boyceville started with the ball, but quickly gave it up when Elk Mound’s Rian Flynn got an interception just 31 seconds into the first quarter.

Elk Mound’s running back Brady Redwine continued this early advantage by scoring the first touchdown of the game with 9:49 remaining in the first quarter.

Just five minutes later, Elk Mound nearly scored another touchdown but were hit with a holding penalty, negating the points.

Going into the second quarter both Elk Mound and Boyceville received multiple penalties for everything from unsportsmanlike conduct to intentional grounding.

Boyceville held the line against Elk Mound before Redwine once again got a hold of the ball. Redwine scored three more touchdowns in the second quarter, the first of which was an 85-yard run.

Only a couple plays after a Redwine touchdown and with less than a minute on the clock, Rian Flynn intercepted a Boyceville pass and ran for a touchdown. With the extra point being good, the score was set at 34-0 going into halftime.

Redwine started off the second half with another touchdown, the fifth scored by him out of Elk Mound’s six touchdowns.

The rest of the third quarter was back and forth between Elk Mound and Boyceville with neither gaining any ground.

Into the fourth quarter the Boyceville players kicked into gear and started taking advantage of mistakes made by Elk Mound.

Boyceville got their first points onto the board when Elk Mound missed the snap for a punt and Boyceville got a two-point safety.

Boyceville again gained two points for another safety with just 2:43 left on the clock.

Feeling the pressure with the clock ticking down toward one minute remaining in the game, Boyceville’s quarterback threw a long pass to Jaden Reisimer for an impressive catch and a touchdown. The crowd roared in excitement for what was truly the highlight of the game. Boyceville then ran a successful two-point conversion, ending the game at 41-12.

After Elk Mound’s loss to Mondovi in the previous week, this week’s win was a good confidence builder and served as training for their inexperienced offensive line.

“I thought our kids were struggling a little bit, especially on the [offensive] line the first couple weeks. We don’t have a lot of experience on our [offensive] line right now and this gave us a little more experience, gave us something to build on for next week,” said Elk Mound’s head coach Dave Lew.

With Redwine scoring five of Elk Mound’s six touchdown’s, Lew was proud of him and the rest of the team.

“He’s a hard runner. …He’s only gonna go as well as our [offensive] line is and we’re proud of him, we’re proud of all our players,” said Lew.

Elk Mound takes on Durand at home on Sept. 14.

With Redwine as Elk Mound’s star player, Boyceville built their game plan around stopping him.

“Our game plan going in was to try and stop #28. We know how special of a player he is and we knew they were going to get him the ball early and often. Until about midway through the second quarter we had done a great job, keeping the score to 7-0. After Redwine busted about an 85-yard touchdown run on a play, we had him stopped in the backfield that would have set up a third and long. The tides slowly slipped away and they broke things open fast. Redwine showed why he was the reigning conference player of the year and the Elk Mound line won the battle in the trenches on both sides of the ball, but I was proud of the way our kids battled and didn’t quit until the final whistle,” said Boyceville football coach Jordan Anderson.

Boyceville may have lost to Elk Mound, but there has been some improvement from previous weeks with their 12 points being the most they’ve had on the board this season.

Boyceville takes their game to Colfax on Sept. 14.

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