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Menomonie faced off against Chippewa Falls on Sept. 6 and suffered a 3-0 defeat, putting them at 4-17 so far in the 2018 season.

In the first set, Chippewa Falls jumped out to a 6-0 lead without having to play much defense.

“We just made too many errors and were not making Chippewa Falls play tough defense. We were hitting balls to the middle of the court making it easy for the Cardinals to convert easy points. On our serve we weren’t able to get any momentum, only scoring three points on our serve. Kylie Mogen led the team with four kills. No other hitters had a kill during the match. Our passing was the best we have serve received all year, but we weren’t able to turn those passes into points,” said Menomonie volleyball coach Corey Day.

Menomonie ended the first set with a 25-11 loss to Chippewa Falls. The second set was better for Menomonie in some respects.

“Our serve receive was not as good as set one. Most of our five kills came on Maddie McLeod’s setter dump kills. Only one other player, Maya Olson, had any kills as a hitter. Our hitting error control was better, but we gave Chippewa Falls easy balls which they successfully translated into points. Menomonie did get within six points, but Chippewa just closed out the set by effectively siding out,” said Day.

The second set ended 25-17 in favor of Chippewa Falls. After losing the first two sets, the Menomonie players believed themselves to have lost already and this negatively affected the third set.

“It really seemed like many players on the team simply thought that they were defeated. As a coach, I didn’t see the fight or grit that I would like to see from my team, especially when their backs were against the wall. The team again passed about average, but we made way too many errors. Our hitters had 11 hitting errors and only two kills. We did not win one point on our serve the entire set, giving up several three to five-point runs for Chippewa,” said Day.

Chippewa Falls ended the first set with a 25-6 score, taking the win. Menomonie made some improvements in their serve receive, but were missing a few core players.

“The good news is that our serve receive has improved since the last match. This is the basis for where our success comes from. If we can continue to serve receive above a 2.0 we should be more successful. The bad news is that we were without three starters due to discipline and illness, and rather than pouting about what we don’t have, we need players to step up and fill the void when there is a need. We also need our veteran players to be more consistent with production. Our kill leader was our setter Maddie McLeod with five-all on setter dumps to go along with six assists. McKinley Davis led the team with five digs,” said Day.

Menomonie will be back on their home court against New Richmond on Sept. 11. New Richmond is currently 11-9 for the 2018 season.

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