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Holiday Newsletter

Tips for hosts and houseguests to keep holidays happy

Here are some tips from the pros to keep things running smoothly and minimize stress. Read more

How to throw a holiday open house party

With a serve-yourself bar and an array of (mostly) room-temperature food, you can create a relaxed atmosphere that says the whole point was to connect for a little while, and share a drink and something good to eat. Read more


Gift Ideas, Tips & More

For crafty gifts, pair how-to books with supplies

Consider going the extra mile by putting together a DIY kit with supplies that allow recipients to dive right in.  Read more

For many families, 'tis the season for matching jammies

Matching outfits make for an ideal photo op, and if kids are reluctant to don matching outfits, recruit dad to help sell the idea. Read more

Wrapping up the holidays in an eco-friendly way

If you want to make a gift to the environment at the same time you're giving to others, choose any of a variety of smart, stylish and eco-friendly ways to gift-wrap this year. Read more

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QUIZ: Thanksgiving Trivia

How to give the gift of life's building blocks for the holidays

Stumped about holiday gifts? Reach for the stuff of life itself. Read more

QUIZ: What should you get your children for Christmas?

Top-rated gift ideas: Beauty Products

These top-rated health and beauty products are great options to give your loved ones something with which to pamper themselves. Read more

5 Items You Need When You Host Thanksgiving This Year

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family is a big job. These five items will help you prepare for the event. Read more

QUIZ: How much do you know about St. Patrick's Day?