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What wines to pair with 9 common Chinese dishes

Ever wonder what wines would pair best with the often extreme flavors of Chinese cuisine? Here are some suggestions on what styles to drink with nine popular dishes. Read more

Bubba Hubba Bubblegum-Flavored Gin Liqueur Will Blow Your Mind

Chew on this: There’ s a tasty-sounding pink liqueur that seems inspired by a favorite retro gum. Bubba Hubba bubblegum-flavored gin liqueur is a bright pink beverage made by Sweet Little Liqueurs, a Manchester, England-based drink company. One look at the label reveals the drink’ s inspiration. Read more

KFC Offers Twice the Fried Chicken in Its New Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich

Why did the chicken-lover cross the road? To get to the KFC. The fried-chicken fast-food restaurant chain is offering a Double Crispy Colonel Sandwich, and there’ s no fowl play involved. Read more

Environmental Nutrition: 6 truths about grains

Grains-- even whole grains-- are commonly disparaged in the news, on the internet and during social gatherings. Popular fad diets like paleo, Whole30 and ketogenic forbid followers from eating grains. Supporters of these diets claim that grains make you fat and cause chronic diseases, like diabetes and... Read more



Unique insurance company offers Chippewa Falls people rates starting at $5 per month.

Locals can get renters or homeowners insurance at low starting rates

EatingWell: Simple swaps for a healthy taco salad

This gorgeous and colorful eight-layer taco salad recipe is made healthier by using ground turkey in place of beef, adding Greek yogurt and bumping up the amount of vegetables. Serve this salad in a clear glass bowl, and you'll have an eye-catching party-worthy dinner or potluck side in just 30 minutes. Read more

The Kitchn: Upgrade summer tomatoes with crispy chickpeas and herbs

This is the kind of salad that can be tossed together at a moment's notice. Filled with good things like chickpeas and cherry tomatoes, it's simple yet still incredibly hearty and satisfying. Enjoy it as a light dinner, or pack it up for lunch and you might even think twice about ditching it for pizza. Read more

The Kitchn: This sparkling sangria is made with juicy summer peaches

All right, people-- we're in the thick of summer, so it's time to belly up to the bar for some ice-cold sangria with ripe summer fruit. Please don't go to that bad place in your mind of sickly sweet concoctions and hangovers so horrible that you'll swear off the stuff. Great sangria can be refreshing, and it's... Read more

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Ranking the 25 best tequilas under $25

If you're looking for some tequila options that both taste good and are affordable, one of these 25 just might do the trick. Read more

Satisfy your sweet tooth: 7 red, white and blue desserts for the Fourth of July

Satisfy your sweet tooth and make your table a little more patriotic with these red, white and blue desserts! Read more

10 recipes perfect for your Fourth of July BBQ

Tired of the same burgers and hotdogs at your backyard celebration? Try these recipes to take your Fourth of July barbecue to the next leve… Read more

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Power outages threaten subsistence harvests in Tuluksak

BETHEL, Alaska (AP) — An ongoing power outage in the community of Tuluksak in western Alaska has caused some residents to lose their summer subsistence harvest. Read more

Alaska Wildlife Troopers seize illegally caught salmon

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Alaska Wildlife Troopers seized more than 16 tons (14.5 metric tons) of salmon caught illegally by a handful of vessels south of Homer. Read more


The Kitchn: Icebox cake is the easiest, most impressive summer cake. With recipe for No-Bake Icebox Cake. With 1 color image: No-Bake Icebox Cake. Read more