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Hands on Wisconsin: Joy riding the Opportunity Rover on Mars

NASA lost contact with this amazing Martian rover after 15 years of unexpected scientific discoveries. Maybe the vehicle has a new owner. Who knows? The truth is out there.  Read more

Center Stage: A big wet kiss to Trump and Wisconsin's top politicians on Valentine's Day

In this week's political podcast, Milfred and Hands vow only to say nice things about the nation's and state's leaders on the holiday devoted to love, which wasn't easy. Read more

Hands on Wisconsin: Soglin salts the roads before big election

I'm not surprised that Madison Mayor Paul Soglin is using an unprecedented amount of salt on city roads ahead of next week's contested mayoral primary.  Read more

Phil Hands: The week in cartoons

A collection of recent cartoons from the desk of Wisconsin State Journal editorial cartoonist Phil Hands. Read more

Hands on Wisconsin: President Trump reforms the criminal justice system in the nick of time

President Donald Trump deserves credit for reforming our criminal system, which was long overdue. But it is convenient that the president was able to reform the system before Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller's investigation could put President Trump and his associates into the criminal justice system.  Read more

Hands on Wisconsin: How to deal with slippery roads?

The ice storm has turned out roads into skating rinks. So clearly hockey skates are the best mode of transportation.  Read more


John Andersen: Are we softer, or smarter, when it comes to the weather?

Been cold enough for you? Ya, me too. But during this cold snap I was forced to go back and think about cold snaps like this in the past. S… Read more

Commentary: Trump gets sued over his asylum policy. Again. Next up: His fake national emergency

Injunction, here we come? Immigrant rights groups sued the Trump administration Thursday over its brazen decision to force asylum-seekers from Central American to wait on the Mexico side of the border as their cases proceed. The policy is a blatant attempt to make it even harder for the desperate to exercise their legal rights to ask for protection from persecution in their home countries, and ... Read more

Conor Sen: Scaring off Amazon will backfire for the left

Amazon announcing it will not put one of its new North America headquarters in New York City is the latest in a bad run of events that rais… Read more

Commentary: Are Democrats overstepping? Ask Barr

The structure of the U.S. Constitution assumes that the electoral process - aka politics - is the primary means of holding federal officials accountable to the people. Which is why President Trump's tweet storm assailing the House of Representatives' oversight hearings as "PRESIDENTIAL HARASSMENT" is wrong as a matter of constitutional law. The hearings inform our politics and reflect them; in ... Read more

Rekha Basu: Race, sex scandals force reckoning for Democrats, 2020 presidential candidates

Republicans couldn’t have dreamed up a better scheme if they’d tried. Read more

Bill Whalen: Fawning over Harris ignores California's woes

If you’ve already had your fill of a presidential election still 21 months from fruition, here’s some good news: You needn’t worry about th… Read more

Ann McFeatters: Fixing America is daunting, but doable

WASHINGTON — If it’s a day of the week, such as Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, a Democrat is announcing… Read more

Commentary: America has a farm labor shortage. We need a better guest worker program

Americans expect a lot from farmers and ranchers: fresh, unblemished fruits and vegetables, locally grown and responsibly harvested. In California, farmers and ranchers produce more than 400 commodities. That's more than a third of the country's vegetables and two-thirds of the country's fruits and nuts. California farm receipts exceeded $50 billion in 2017. This prodigious output isn't ... Read more

'We're kind of in a state of crisis': Q and A with new Chippewa County human services director

Glen Olson Chippewa Herald

Chippewa County’s interim human services director will take over the permanent role at the end of t… Read more



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